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Agriculture & Food Management  251

                      Figure 20: Per Capita Availability of Milk (gram per day), Meat (kg per year)
                                            and Eggs (number per annum)

              Source: Based on data received from Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
             Dairy Sector

             7.39  Dairy is the single largest agricultural commodity contributing 5 per cent of the national
             economy and employing more than 8 crore farmers directly. India is ranked 1st in milk production
             contributing 23 per cent of global milk production. Milk production in the country has grown at
             a compound annual growth rate of about 6.2 per cent to reach 209.96 million tonnes in 2020-21
             from 146.31 million tonnes in 2014-15 (Figure 21).

                             Figure 21: Trend of Milk Production in India (Million Tonnes)

             Source: Based on data taken from the National Dairy Development Board and DAHD.
             *Data is provisional
             7.40  The all India per capita availability of milk is 427 grams per day in 2020-21 (provisional).
             Inter-state variability in milk production and per capita availability of milk during the year
             2020-21 is shown in Figure 22.
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