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  Union Budget 2006-2007

Expenditure Budget  
Volume II  


 Ministrywise Summary of Budget Provisions
 Ministry of Agriculture
> Department of Agriculture and Cooperation [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Agricultural Research and Education [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries
> Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries [English]   [Hindi]
Department of Atomic Energy
> Atomic Energy [English]   [Hindi]
> Nuclear Power Schemes [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilisers
> Department of Chemicals and Petro-Chemicals [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Fertilisers [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Civil Aviation
> Ministry of Civil Aviation [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Coal
> Ministry of Coal [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
> Department of Commerce [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
> Department of Posts [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Telecommunications [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Information Technology [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Company Affairs
> Ministry of Company Affairs [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution
> Department of Consumer Affairs [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Food and Public Distribution [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Culture
> Ministry of Culture [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Defence
> Ministry of Defence [English]   [Hindi]
> Defence Pensions [English]   [Hindi]
> Defence Services - Army [English]   [Hindi]
> Defence Services - Navy [English]   [Hindi]
> Defence Services - Air Force [English]   [Hindi]
> Defence Ordnance Factories [English]   [Hindi]
> Defence Services - Research and Development [English]   [Hindi]
> Capital Outlay on Defence Services [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region
> Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Environment and Forests
> Ministry of Environment and Forests [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of External Affairs
> Ministry of External Affairs [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Finance
> Department of Economic Affairs [English]   [Hindi]
> Currency, Coinage and Stamps [English]   [Hindi]
> Payments to Financial Institutions [English]   [Hindi]
> Appropriation - Interest Payments [English]   [Hindi]
> Transfers to State and Union Territory Governments [English]   [Hindi]
> Loans to Government Servants, etc. [English]   [Hindi]
> Appropriation - Repayment of Debt [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Expenditure [English]   [Hindi]
> Pensions [English]   [Hindi]
> Indian Audit and Accounts Department [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Revenue [English]   [Hindi]
> Direct Taxes [English]   [Hindi]
> Indirect Taxes [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Disinvestment [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Food Processing Industries
> Ministry of Food Processing Industries [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
> Department of Health and Family Welfare [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy (AYUSH) [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
> Department of Heavy Industry [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Public Enterprises [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Home Affairs
> Ministry of Home Affairs [English]   [Hindi]
> Cabinet [English]   [Hindi]
> Police [English]   [Hindi]
> Other Expenditure of the Ministry of Home Affairs [English]   [Hindi]
> Transfers to Union Territory Governments [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Human Resource Development
> Department of Elementary Education and Literacy [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Women and Child Development [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
> Ministry of Information and Broadcasting [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Labour and Employment
> Ministry of Labour and Employment [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Law and Justice
> Election Commission [English]   [Hindi]
> Law and Justice [English]   [Hindi]
> Appropriation - Supreme Court of India [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Mines
> Ministry of Mines [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources
> Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
> Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs [English]   [Hindi]
Department of Ocean Development
> Department of Ocean Development [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Panchayati Raj
> Ministry of Panchayati Raj [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs
> Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
> Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas
> Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Planning
> Ministry of Planning [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Power
> Ministry of Power [English]   [Hindi]
The President, Parliament, Union Public Service Commission and the Secretariat of the Vice-President
> Appropriation - Staff, Household and Allowances of the President [English]   [Hindi]
> Lok Sabha [English]   [Hindi]
> Rajya Sabha [English]   [Hindi]
> Appropriation - Union Public Service Commission [English]   [Hindi]
> Secretariat of the Vice-President [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Rural Development
> Department of Rural Development [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Land Resources [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Drinking Water Supply [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Science and Technology
> Department of Science and Technology [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Scientific and Industrial Research [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Biotechnology [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways
> Department of Shipping [English]   [Hindi]
> Department of Road Transport and Highways [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Small Scale Industries
> Ministry of Small Scale Industries [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
> Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment [English]   [Hindi]
Department of Space
> Department of Space [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation
> Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Steel
> Ministry of Steel [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Textiles
> Ministry of Textiles [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Tourism
> Ministry of Tourism [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Tribal Affairs
> Ministry of Tribal Affairs [English]   [Hindi]
Union Territories (Without Legislature)
> Andaman and Nicobar Islands [English]   [Hindi]
> Chandigarh [English]   [Hindi]
> Dadra and Nagar Haveli [English]   [Hindi]
> Daman and Diu [English]   [Hindi]
> Lakshadweep [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Urban Development
> Department of Urban Development [English]   [Hindi]
> Public Works [English]   [Hindi]
> Stationery and Printing [English]   [Hindi]
Ministry of Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation  
> Ministry of Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation [English]   [Hindi]  
Ministry of Water Resources  
> Ministry of Water Resources [English]   [Hindi]  
Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports    
> Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports [English]   [Hindi]  
Ministry of Minority Affairs    
> Ministry of Minority Affairs [English]   [Hindi]  
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