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  Union Budget 2006-2007

Expenditure Budget  
Volume I


 Introductory Notes [English]   [Hindi]
> Summary of Expenditure [English]   [Hindi]
> Expenditure by Ministries/Department [English]   [Hindi]
> Expenditure of Union Territories without Legislature [English]   [Hindi]
> Revised Estimates, 2005-2006 [English]   [Hindi]
> Budget Estimates, 2006-2007 [English]   [Hindi]
 Part-II - Non-Plan Expenditure
> Non-Plan Expenditure, 2006-2007 [English]   [Hindi]
> Non-Plan Expenditure by Broad Categories [English]   [Hindi]
> Non-Plan Subsidies - Interest Subsidies [English]   [Hindi]
> Non-Plan Subsidies - Other Subsidies [English]   [Hindi]
> Departmental Commercial Undertakings [English]   [Hindi]
> Non-Plan Capital Outlay [English]   [Hindi]
> Non-Plan Grants and Loans to Public Enterprises [English]   [Hindi]
> Non-Plan Grants and Loans to State and UT Governments [English]   [Hindi]
> Grants and Loans to Foreign Governments [English]   [Hindi]
> Part-III-Plan Outlay
> Plan Outlay 2006-2007 [English]   [Hindi]
> Central Plan Outlay by Ministries/Departments [English]   [Hindi]
> Central Plan Outlay by Head of Development [English]   [Hindi]
> Plan Investments in Public Enterprises [English]   [Hindi]
> Resources of Public Enterprises [English]   [Hindi]
> Central Assistance for State and Union Territory Plans [English]   [Hindi]
> Plan Grants and Loan to State and UT Governments [English]   [Hindi]
> Direct Transfer of Central Plan Assistance to State/District level
   Autonomous Bodies/Implementing Agencies
[English]   [Hindi]
> Estimates of Provision for Externally Aided Projects [English]   [Hindi]
> Gender Budgeting [English]   [Hindi]
> Schemes for Development of Scheduled Castes and [English]   [Hindi]
   Scheduled Tribes  
 Budget Provisions by Head of Accounts
> Revenue [English]   [Hindi]
> Capital [English]   [Hindi]
> Reconciliation between Expenditure shown in Demands for [English]   [Hindi]
   Grants, Annual Financial Statements and Annexure I
> Trends in Expenditure [English]   [Hindi]
> Contribution to International Bodies [English]   [Hindi]
> Grant-in-Aids to private institutions, organisations, etc. [English]   [Hindi]
> Estimated strength of Establisment and provision therefor [English]   [Hindi]
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