Receipt  Budget

n Introductory Notes [English] [Hindi]
n Summary of Estimates of Tax and Non-Tax Revenue Receipts [English] [Hindi]
n Tax Revenue [English] [Hindi]
n Non-Tax Revenue [English] [Hindi]
n Summary of Estimates of Capital Receipts    [English] [Hindi]
n Annexure
    State-wise Distribution of Share in Central taxes/duties [English] [Hindi]
    External assistance-receipts and repayments country/ organisation-wise [English] [Hindi]
Debt position of the Government of India [English] [Hindi]
     [English] [Hindi]
Trends in receipts   [English] [Hindi]
    Trends in Expenditure [English] [Hindi]
    Analysis of tax and non-tax revenue receipts included in Annexure-5 [English] [Hindi]
National Small Saving Fund [English] [Hindi]
    Reconciliation between estimates of Receipts shown in Annual Financial     Statement and Receipts Budget. [English] [Hindi]



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