Annual Financial Statement

Bilingual Document

Abox3.gif (4275 bytes) Statement I - Consolidated Fund of India
          Swaz1.gif (658 bytes)  Revenue Account - Receipts
          Swaz1.gif (658 bytes)  Revenue Account - Disbursements
          Swaz1.gif (658 bytes)  Capital Account - Receipts
          Swaz1.gif (658 bytes)  Capital Account - Disbursements
Abox3.gif (4275 bytes) Statement IA - Disbursements 'Charged' on the Consolidated
        Fund of India
Abox3.gif (4275 bytes) Statement II-Contigency  Fund of India-Receipts & Disbursements
Abox3.gif (4275 bytes) Statement III - Public Account of India
          Swaz1.gif (658 bytes)  Receipts
          Swaz1.gif (658 bytes)  Disbursements
Abox3.gif (4275 bytes) Receipts & Expenditure of Union Territories without Legislature


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