Union Budget 1998-99  

Budget at a Glance

Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India


Highlights of Central Plan 1998-99



1. Employment Assurance Scheme (Rs. 1990 crore ).

- 1990 crore rupees for providing assured unskilled wage employment of 100 days to those seeking such employment in the lean agricultural season in all the rural blocks in the country.

2. Indira Awas Yojana (Rs. 1600 crore ).

- About 13 lakh houses to be built for the rural poor under Indira Awas Yojana by involving financial institutions and public participation.

3. Millions Wells Scheme

- 450 crore provided for Million Wells Scheme.

4. Integrated Rural Development Programme including Rural Artisans (Rs. 800 crore ).

- 18,000 Rupees per family investment and a credit mobilisation of Rs.3000 crore is targeted.

(II) RURAL DEVELOPMENT (Rs.2530 crore)

1. Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme ( Rs. 1627 crore)

- 1,00,000 habitations will be provided safe drinking water by March 1999 as a part of a scheme to cover all villages in 5 years.

2. National Social Assistance Programme (Rs.700 crore)

- 50 lakhs old persons to be covered by National Old Age Pension Scheme.

- 3.19 lakhs household of deceased to be benefited under National Family Benefit Scheme.

- 29.15 lakhs expectant mothers to be benefited under National Maternity Benefit Scheme.

3. Rural sanitation (Rs.100 crore)

- 10 lakhs sanitary toilets to be provided to individual household below poverty line.


- 60 crore rupees provided for Technology Mission on Cotton.

- 155 crore rupees provided for on farm water manage-ment for increasing production in Eastern India.

- 269 crore rupees provided for National Watershed Development Programme for Rainfed Agriculture.

- 99 crore rupees provided for loans for cooperative sugar mills.

- 144 crore rupees provided for crop insurance scheme.

- 750,000 hectares of rainfed area is proposed to be treated.

- 43,000 hectares to be brought under drip irrigation.

- 83,00,000 quintals of certified/quality seeds to be distributed.

- 90,000 farmers and 15000 agriculture extension workers to be trained to promote integrated Pest Management.


- 73.40 million tonnes of milk production targeted.

- 5000 Village Dairy cooperatives outside operation flood areas targeted.


- 306.50 million tonnes of coal production targeted.

- 17.50 million tonnes of lignite production targeted.


- 100 crore rupees provided for free education for girls.

- 1092 crore rupees provided for Nutritional support to Primary Education.

- 667 crore rupees provided for District Primary Education Project.

- 415 crore rupees kept for technical education.


- 106.82 lakh tonnes of Nitrogenous fertiliser production targeted.

- 30.27 lakh tonnes of Phosphatic fertiliser production targeted.


- 297 crore rupees provided for National Malaria Eradication Programme including Kala-azar.

- 79 crore rupees provided for National Leprosy Eradication Programme.

- 111 crore rupees for AIDS Control Programme, with special thrust on blood safety measures and control of sexually transmitted diseases.

- 125 crore rupees for National Tuberculosis Control Programme.

- 75 crore rupees provided for National Trachoma and Blindness Control Programme.


- 1000 crore rupees consortium bank credit availability to production units.


- 100 Head Post offices’ Savings Bank Control Organisation to be computerised.

- 500 Extra Departmental branch Post Offices to be opened.

- 250 Extended Satellite Money Order Centres to be installed.

- 500 Multi-purpose Counter Machines and 100 local area network for savings work to be upgraded.


- 3300 MW addition to installed capacity.

- 450 billion units generation targeted.

- 2800 villages to be electrified.

- 2.51 lakh pump sets to be energised.


- 110 crore rupees for Prime Minister’s Rozgar yojana, to assist 2 lakh educated unemployed youth.

- 140 crore rupees for Rural Employment Generation programme.


- 500 crore rupees provided for the National Highway Authority of India.


- 15.87 million tonnes of saleable steel targeted.


To instal

- 36 lakh direct exchange lines (including 4.5 lakh lines by MTNL).

- 41 lakh lines of switching capacity (including 5.3 lakh lines by MTNL).

- 4.50 lakh lines of trunk automatic exchange capacity (including 55 thousand lines by MTNL).


- 1,37,000 hectares area to be developed under Integrated Wasteland Development Project Scheme.


- 65 crore rupees provided for Post Matric Scholarships for SC/ST students by which about 22.66 lakhs students are likely to be benefited during 1998-99.

-361 crore rupees provided towards Special Central Assistance for Special Component Plan by which about 24.80 lakh Scheduled Caste families are likely to be benefited during 1998-99.

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