Expenditure Budget - Volume I

n    Introductory Notes [English] [Hindi]
n    Part-I - General
       Summary of Expenditure [English] [Hindi]
       Expenditure by Ministries/Departments [English] [Hindi]
       Expenditure of Union Territories without Legislature [English] [Hindi]
       Revised Estimates, 2001-2002 [English] [Hindi]
       Budget Estimates, 2002-2003 [English] [Hindi]
n    Part-II - Non-Plan Expenditure
       Non-Plan Expenditure, 2002-2003 [English] [Hindi]
       Non-Plan Expenditure by Broad Categories [English] [Hindi]
       Non-Plan Subsidies - Interest subsidies [English] [Hindi]
       Non-Plan Subsidies - Other subsidies [English] [Hindi]
       Departmental Commercial Undertakings [English] [Hindi]
       Non-Plan Capital Outlay [English] [Hindi]
       Non-Plan Grants and Loans to Public Enterprises [English] [Hindi]
       Non-Plan Grants and Loans to State and UT Governments [English] [Hindi]
       Grants and Loans to Foreign Governments [English] [Hindi]
n    Plan-III - Plan Outlay
       Plan Outlay 2002-2003 [English] [Hindi]
       Central Plan Outlay by Ministries/Departments [English] [Hindi]
       Central Plan Outlay by Heads of Development [English] [Hindi]
       Plan Investments in Public Enterprises [English] [Hindi]
       Resources of Public Enterprises [English] [Hindi]
       Central Assistance for States and Union Territory Plans [English] [Hindi]
       Plan Grants and Loans to States and UT Governments [English] [Hindi]
       Estimates of Provision for Externally Aided Projects [English] [Hindi]
n    Annexures
       Budget Provisions by Head of Accounts
                Revenue [English] [Hindi]
               Capital [English] [Hindi]
       Reconciliation between Expenditure shown in Demands for Grants, Annual        Financial Statement and Annexure I [English] [Hindi]
       Trends in Expenditure [English] [Hindi]
       Contributions to International Bodies [English] [Hindi]
       Guarantees given by Central Government [English] [Hindi]
       Grants-in-aid to Private Institutions, Organisations etc. [English] [Hindi]
       Estimated strength of Establishment and provision therefor [English] [Hindi]


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