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24. Government have recently announced a new National Population Policy a key objective of which is to bring down total fertility rates to replacement levels by 2010. To operationalise this objective, the plan allocation of the Department of Family Welfare has been increased from Rs.2,920 crore in B.E. 1999-2000 to Rs.3,520 crore next year.

25. Recognising the role of the Indian systems of medicine and homeopathy in our health care, the plan allocation for the concerned Department is being doubled. Emphasis will be placed on drug standardisation, quality control, modernising the colleges, drug testing laboratories and formulations. This will also help in boosting exports of herbal formulations.

26. We must preserve and nurture our forests and environment for future generations. Funds are being provided for regeneration of mangroves and creation of shelterbelts along the coastal line, bamboo regeneration and afforestation programme, encouragement of medicinal plants and eco-tourism. Preservation of the rural environment will raise the living standards of millions belonging to the weakest sections of our society.

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