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65. The budget support for Central, State and UT Plans has been placed at Rs.88,100 crore, marking an increase of Rs.8,705 crore over revised estimates 1999-2000. Gross budgetary support for the Central Plan is being enhanced from Rs.43,661 crore in the revised estimates 1999-2000 to Rs.51,276 crore. Total Central Plan outlay at Rs.1,17,334 crore will be more by Rs.21,024 crore from the last year’s level of Rs.96,310 crore, a hefty 22% increase. The plan for 2000-2001 focuses on basic infrastructure with energy, transport and communications accounting for 60% of total Central Plan Outlay. The Outlay for Social Services marks an increase of 21.5% over 1999-2000 R.E.

66. Central Plan assistance to States and Union Territories in 2000-2001 is placed at Rs.36,824 crore as compared to Rs.35,735 crore in the revised estimates 1999-2000.

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