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Highlights of Central Plan 2000-2001

                                         RURAL DEVELOPMENT

(I) RURAL EMPLOYMENT (Rs. 6760 Crore)

1. Swaranayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (Rs. 1000 crore).

- 1000 crore rupees provided for Swaranjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana which is a holistic self-employment programme with the objective of establishing a large number of micro-enterprises in rural areas. It aims to bring every assisted family above the poverty line in three years. Atleast 50% of the swarozgaris will be SCs/STs; 40% women; and 3% disabled.

2. Rural Housing (Rs. 1710 crore ).

- physical target of providing 25 lakh dwelling units in rural areas.

- more than 12 lakh houses under Indira Awas Yojana for the people below poverty line.

- For families with an annual income of below Rs.32,000 per annum, assistance for construction of 1 lakh houses under Credit-cum-Subsidy Scheme of Rural Housing.

- Equity support to HUDCO for rural housing

3. Annapurna (Rs.100 crore)

- 100 crore rupees provided for "Annapurna" for providing food security to all those who though eligible for old age pensions remained uncovered under National Old Age Pension Scheme. About 13.76 lakh beneficiaries will be eligible under this Scheme.

4. Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme ( Rs. 1960 crore)

- 60,000 habitations and 30000 schools will be provided safe drinking water by March, 2001.

5. Rural Sanitation (Rs.140 crore)

- 140 crore rupees provided for Rural Sanitation for Total Sanitation Compaign in selected districts.

LAND RESOURCES (Rs.900 crore)

                        1. Intergrated Wasteland Development Programme (Rs.480 crore)

- 480 crore rupees provided for new areas covering about 8 lakh hectares for development on watershed basis through people’s participation.

2. Drought Prone Areas Programme (Rs.190 crore)

- 190 crore rupees provided for new areas covering about 15 lakh hectares for development on watershed basis through people’s participation.

3. Desert Development Programme (Rs.135 crore)

- 135 crore rupees provided for new areas covering 8 lakh hectares for development on watershed basis through people’s participation.


1. Water Supply and Sanitation (Rs.2100 crore)

- 2100 crore rupees provided for water supply and sanitation during the year 2000-2001 out of which Rs.210 crore have been kept for North Eastern Region and Sikkim.

agriculture and cooperation

- 289 crore rupees provided for Crop Insurance Scheme.

- 50 crore rupees provided for On farm Water Management Scheme.

- 50 crore provided for capital investment subsidy for cold storage.


- 308.07 million tonnes of coal production targeted.

- 17.50 million tonnes of lignite production targeted.


- 3609 crore rupees provided for elementary education

- 350 crore rupees provided for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan to implement Universalisaiton of Elementary Education in a mission mode by 2003.

- 969 crore rupees provided for District Primary Education Project.

- 120 crore rupees provided for Adult Education.

- 400 crore rupees provided for Operational Black Board.


- 100 crore rupees provided for Indian System of Medicines.

- 175 crore rupees provided for AIDS control programme.

- 130 crore rupees provided for National Tuberclosis Control Programme.

- 110 crore rupees provided for National Trachoma and Blindness Control Programme.


- 2010 crore rupees investment in National Highway Authority of India for construction of ‘Golden Quadrilateral" and North-South and East-West corridors.


- 500 Extra Departmental Branch Post Offices to be opened.

- 1000 Computer based Multipurpose counter machines including machines for LANs for savings work computerisation to be installed.

- 100 post offices to be modernised.

- 88 Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs) to be installed.


- 6769.15 crore rupees provided for exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas.

- 6379.61 crore rupees provided for refining and marketing of petroleum products.

- 3920.92 crore rupees provided for major projects for expansion and modernisation of refineries in the public sector.


- 485.407 billion units generation targeted.

- 2000 villages to be electrified.

- 2.40 lakh pump sets to be energised.


- 23000 Wagons, 2000 coaches and 186 locomotives to be added.

- 3250 kilometres track renewal.

- 500 Route kilometres of electrification.

- 217 new lines to be added.


- 201 crore rupees provided for Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana to assist 2.20 lakh educated unemployed youth.

- 100 crore rupees provided to Credit Guarantee Scheme for Small Scale Industries sector.


- 130 crore rupees provided for sports.


- 18.4 million tonnes of saleable steel targeted.


To instal

- 52.4 lakh direct exchange lines (including 4.4 lakh lines by MTNL).

- 72.35 lakh lines of switching capacity (including 5.35 lakh lines by MTNL).

- 45.15 lakh lines of trunk automatic exchange capacity (including 1.15 lakh lines of MTNL).

- 70 thousand village public phones.


- 30 crore rupees provided for flood control in Brahmaputra valley.

- 40 crore rupees provided for survey investigaiton and pre-construction works of Pagladia Project.


- 50 crore for New Millennium Technology leadership scheme.

- 50 crore for Technology Information Forecasting Assessment Council.

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