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Budget Speech


Yashwant Sinha

Speech of Shri Yashwant Sinha
Finance Minister, Government of India
27th February, 1999

but.gif (597 bytes) Budget Estimates for 1999-2000

49. In the budget estimates for 1999-2000, the total expenditure is estimated at Rs.2,84,003 crore, of which Rs.77,000 crore is for Plan and Rs.2,07,003 crore for non-Plan.

but.gif (597 bytes) Plan Expenditure

50. The budget support for Central, State and UT Plans has been placed at Rs.77,000 crore, marking an increase of Rs.8,629 crore over revised estimates 1998-99. Following the direction of the Prime Minister, the Plan for 1999-2000 focuses on basic human development needs such as education, health care, social welfare, housing, and water supply. Thus, out of the total Gross Budgetary Support of Rs.44,000 crore for the Central Plan 1999-2000, Rs.31,035 crore has been provided to 18 Ministries/Departments covered by the Prime Minister’s Special Action Plan. Total Central Plan outlay at Rs.1,03,521 crore will be more by Rs.15,039 crore from the last year’s level of Rs.88,482 crore. Gross budgetary support for the Central Plan is being enhanced from Rs.38,263 crore in the revised estimates 1998-99 to Rs.44,000 crore.

51. Compared to revised estimates 1998-1999, outlay for Plan programmes has been significantly increased in certain priority sectors. For example, the increase is 34.5% in the Agriculture and Allied Activities and 21.9% in Social Services.

52. Central Plan assistance to States and Union Territories in 1999-2000 is placed at Rs.33,000 crore as compared to Rs.30,108 crore in the revised estimates 1998-99. Assistance for Basic Minimum Services and Slum Development Schemes is proposed to be enhanced from Rs.3,684 crore to Rs.4,043 crore.

53. Last year, I had announced a non-lapsable pool for the North East. I am glad to inform you that we have already released Rs.98 crore for projects in the North East out of the savings from the budget of different Central Ministries.





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