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Excise Notification

No. 11/97 Central Excise

NOTIFICATION               New  Delhi, dated the 1st March, 1997
No. 11 /97-CENTRAL EXCISE  10 Phalguna ,1918 (Saka)

      G.S.R.      (E).- In exercise of the powers conferred  by
sub-section (1) of section 5A of the Central Excise  Act,  1944
(1 of 1944), the Central Government, being satisfied that it is
necessary in the public interest so to do, hereby directs  that
each  of  the notifications of the Government of India  in  the
Ministry of Finance (Department of revenue) specified in column
(2)  of  the Table hereto annexed, shall be amended or  further
amended,  as  the case may be, in the manner specified  in  the
corresponding entry in column (3) of the said table.

S.No Notification No.            Amendment
 .       and date
(1)         (2)                     (3)
1.   136/94-Central    In  the Annexure I to the said
     Excises,    dated notification,  after  item   7
     the          10th and    the    entry   relating
     November, 1994.   thereto,  the following  items
                       and  entries shall  be  added,
                       namely :-
                       "8.   Cooling  equipment   for
                       cold  room, storage room, pro-
                       cooling   chambers   and   its
                           9.    Sorting   equipment,
                       Grading   equipment,   Packing
                       equipment    and   temperature
                       control  or  humidity  control
                       10. Power generating sets.
                       11.      Refrigeration     and
                       airconditioning equipment  for
                       fitment      on      transport
                       12.   Spare  parts   for   the
                       maintenance      of      goods
                       mentioned at item No. 8 to  11
2.   67/95-Central     In  the said notification, for
     Excises,    dated the   proviso,  the  following
     the  16th  March, proviso  shall be substituted,
     1995.             namely :-
                       "    Provided   that   nothing
                       contained       in        this
                       notification  shall  apply  to
                       inputs  used in or in relation
                       to  the  manufacture of  final
                       products  (other  than   those
                       cleared  to a unit in  a  Free
                       Trade  Zone  or to  a  hundred
                       per    cent.   Export-Oriented
                       Undertaking or to  a  unit  in
                       an     Electronic     Hardware
                       Technology Park or to  a  unit
                       in   Software Technology Parks
                       or   supplied  to  the  United
                       Nations  or  an  International
                       Organisation     for     their
                       official  use or  supplied  to
                       projects funded by the  United
                       nations  or  an  International
                       Organisation,     on     which
                       exemption    of    duty     is
                       available      under       the
                       notification      of       the
                       Government  of  India  in  the
                       Ministry      of       Finance
                       (Department    of     revenue)
                       No.108/95-Central     Excises,
                       dated  the 28th August,  1995,
                       which  are  exempt  from   the
                       whole   of   duty  of   excise
                       leviable   thereon   or    are
                       chargeable  to `Nil'  rate  of
3.   1/93-Central      In   the   said  notification,
     Excises     dated after    paragraph   5,    the
     the          28th following paragraph  shall  be
     February, 1993.   added, namely:-
                       "6.  This  notification  shall
                       remain   in  force  upto   and
                       inclusive of the 31st  day  of
                       March, 1997.".
                                               (NAVNEET GOEL)

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