Government of IndiaMinistry of Finance Budget 97-98

Customs Notification

No.11/97 - Part 8

               LIST 15 (See S.No.165 of the Table)
(1)       Capacitors  (11)           RF/IF  (20)   Fibre  optics
(excluding     paper  coils,Inductance      and            other
capacitors and power  coils,       Peaking  optoelectronic parts
capacitors)           coils, Tuning coils   and  devices namely,
(2)   Ferrite  parts  (12) Antennas         Couplers,
including     memory  (13)    Relays    of  Attenuators,
cores   and  ferrite  contact rating  upto  Connectors,
magnets               7 amperes             Splicers,
(3)   Switches  with  (14) EHT cables       Multiplexers     and
contact rating  less  (15)           Level  Demultiplexers
than  5  amperes  at  meters/level          (21)         Passive
voltage          not  indicators/   tuning  optical       parts,
excceding 250  Volts  indicators/     peak  namely,    Microlens
AC or DC              level        meters/  and       splitters,
(4) Connectors        battery  meter/   VC  Micropositioners,
(5)  Magnetic -Heads  meters    /     Tape  Optical filters  and
(all types)           counters              gratings  and  Phase
(6)   Loud  speakers  (16)    Tape    deck  plates
(cone type)           mechanism             (22) Special purpose
(7)       Deflection  (17)  Tone arms       optical      fibres,
parts, namely:-  (i)  (18)       Microwave  namely, polarisation
EHT/LOT/FBT           passive parts         holding      fibres,
transformers    (ii)  (19)     (i)     Saw  plastic  fibres  and
Line          driver  filters (ii) Ceramic  large core fibres
transformers          filter/trap    (iii)  (23)      Deflection
(8)     Ceramic    /  Delay lines (iv) CRT  parts, namely:-  (i)
Magnetic  cartridges  socket  (v)    Spark  Deflection  coil   /
and stylus            gap (vi)  Degaussing  yoke  (ii) Linearity
(9)    Air cored and  Coil                  coil    (iii)  Width
Ferrite        cored                        coil
transformers                                (24)  Electron guns
(10)     Microphones                        (25)  Liquid crystal
/Microphone                                 displays
               LIST 16 (See S.No.166 of the Table)
(1)                   (h)  Dye  cells  and  (6)    Spectroscopic
(a)  Laser  rods   -  laser dyes            grade   pure   gases
Neodymium:      YAG,  (i)     Thin    film  viz.,         Xenon,
Neodymium  :  Glass,  polarisers       for  Krypton,   Fluorine,
Ruby, Erbium :  YAG,  visible,   near   IR  Argon(7)      Vacuum
TI      :     A1203,  region                pumps   of  capacity
Alexandrite,  HO   :  (j)  Electro-  optic  upto  20 litres  per
YAG                   switches         for  minute
(b)   Helium-   Neon  visible, near IR and  (8)    Quartz    and
Laser Tubes           10.6      micrometer  Special glasses
(c)   Semi-conductor  region                (9)     Non   linear
visible lasers        (k)    Flash   lamps  crystals
(d)       Dielectric  (Xenon, Krypton)      (10)  Electro- optic
coated  mirrors  for  (l)     Arc    lamps  and    Acousto-optic
visible , near IR  &  (Krypton)             switches
10.6      micrometer  (m)  Second harmonic  (11)         Special
region                generation crystals   materials,   namely,
(e)  Hard dielectric  (2)  Energy  storage  High  purity  gases,
coated        optics  capacitors            Kovar,  Alumina  and
including thin  film  (3)Thyratrons         Zirconia     fibres,
polarisers , calcite  (4)  Phaotodetectors  Recrystallised
polarisers and  Beam  and photomultipliers  Alumina       Tubes,
splitters             (5)         Metering  Optical    polishing
(f)   ZnSe  mirrors,  needle  valves   and  materials,   Optical
ZnSe lenses and ZnSe  pressure indicators   cleaning   material,
windows                                     Dyes  and Pitch  for
(g)   Gratings   and                        optical polishing
prisms                                      (12)         Optical
               LIST 17 (See S.No.167 of the Table)
(1)       Television  (8)        Broadcast  (14)   Spares    and
cameras         with  standard         3-D  accessories of above
portable field video  computer     graphic  mentioned  equipment
recorders             systems               as  permitted by the
(professional grade)  (9)     Professional  Deputy     Principal
(2)  Audio recording  grade  colour  video  Information  Officer
equipment             monitors              in     the     Press
(3)  Table top  post  (10)        Portable  Information   Bureau
production     video  lighting   equipment  in  the Ministry  of
editing machines      with    lamps    for  Information      and
(4)    Four   source  shooting   in    low  Broadcasting
editing  controllers  light situation
to  control  editing  (11)    Professional
machines              grade   photographic
(5)  8-channel video  cameras    of    all
mixer/switches        formats
(6)  Special  effect  (12)    Dark    room
generators       for  equipment  including
fading           and  enlargers
superimposing     of  (13)        Computer
text and graphics     control      editing
(7)     Time    base  machines
correctors  /  Frame  
               LIST 18 (See S.No.178 of the Table)
(A)         Wireless  (5) Antenna with  or  (5)    Spare   nicad
Apparatus        and  without               cells  or  pack,  as
accessories -         feeders/Antenna       required   or   used
(1) HF, VHF,  or UHF  rotators for amateur  with      thermionic
transreceiver         frequencies           valves   or   vacuum
(combination      of  (6)          Digital  tubes   or  toroidal
transmitter      and  Frequency    counter  cores  (in the  case
receiver) meant  for  (upto 600 MHz)  with  of     hand     held
amateur  frequencies  accessories           transreceiver)
with accessories  in  (B) Parts -           (6)    Slow   motion
assembled   or   kit  (1)     Transistors,  tuning     mechanism
form                  diodes,   integrated  with    or   without
(2)    VHF/VHF    or  circuits/     chips,  dials.
VHF/UHF     Repeater  thermionic valves or
(combination      of  vacuum tubes
transmitter      and  (2)  Toroidal cores,
receiver) meant  for  quartz     crystals,
amateur  frequencies  relays,     rotatory
with accessories  in  switches,    ferrite
assembled   or   kit  beads
form                  (3)         Variable
(3)  Transvertor for  condensers,     air-
amateur  frequencies  dielectric type
in  assembled or kit  (4)        Precision
form                  capacitors    (fixed
(4)     Grid     Dip  type)   value    (s)
Oscillator,    Radio  between 1pf to  5000
Frequency             pf
Interference Filter,  
Balun   Transformer,
SWR    bridge     or
reflectometer, Morse
reader   or    Noise
               LIST 19 (See S.No.187 of the Table)
(i)Turntable ladders  (iii)      Pneumatic  
and        Hydraulic  lifting bags
Platforms of  height  (iv)  Explosive  gas
of   30  metres  and  detection  equipment
above                 with tubes
(ii)  Portable pumps  (v) Rescue tools and
of   45   H.P.   and  gears
above,  having  3500  (vi)   Spares    for
RPM     and    above  maintenance of items
discharging 1500 LPM  at   S.Nos.(i)   and
water and above       (ii).
             LIST 20(A) (See S.No.197 of the Table)
(1) Chlorine          (7)  Oligo-poly  iso  (12) Coloured nylon-
(2) Helium            cyanate       ethyl-  12
(3)   Silicon  tetra  acetate solution      (13)       Elongated
chloride              (8)   Colouring  ink  polyethylene tape
(4)  Germanium tetra  for fibre             (14) Polyester tape
chloride              (9)    Binder     of  (15) Nylon thread
(5)      Phosphorous  polyurethane      or  (16)    Polyethylene
oxychloride           vinyl chloride-vinyl  cord
(6)   Sulphur   hexa  acetate copolymer     (17)        Biaxilly
flouride oxygen       (10) UV resin-1/  UV  oriented nylon tape
                      resin-2               (18)  Silica tube  /
                      (11)        Nylon-12  rod
                      granules / chips for
                      sheath / loose tube
             LIST 20(B) (See S.No.197 of the Table)
(1)  E-glass yarn  /  (7)  Zinc  soap   of  
roving for FRP        long    fatty   acid
(2) UV resin for FRP  mixture
(3)    Complex  high  (8)         Modified
molecular     weight  polypropylene
resin   in  acrylate  (9) Ethylene acrylic
solution for FRP      acid (EAA)
(4)        Acrylated
(5) Photoinitiater
(6)    Tert    butyl
               LIST 21 (See S.No.203 of the Table)
(1) Calorimeter for   (6)  Tuberculin       (11)  Cryo
semen analysis        syringe               containers above 60
(2) Phase contrast    (7) Programmed        litres capacity
microscope            biological freezer    (12)  Liquid
(3)  Photometer for   (8) Automatic semen   nitrogen tankers
semen analysis        analyser              above 500 litre
(4)  Ovucheck         (9)  Semen straws     capacity
pregnancy detecting   (French medium and    
kit                   mini)
(5)  Freeze drier     (10)  Sheath for
                      French mini straws
               LIST 22 (See S.No.210 of the Table)
(1)        Australia  (20)          Omayya  (33)  Various  types
Antigen RIA kit       reservoirs       for  of           Cardiac
(2)          Cardiac  intraventicular       Catheters  including
catheters       with  investigation      /  balloon      tipped,
guidewires            therapy               double   Lumen   and
(3)     Clips    for  (21)  Operating sets  PTCA      catheters,
aneurysms and  clips  for     Percutaneous  balloon   dilatation
applying forceps  in  Nephrostomy      and  catheters        and
Neuro-Surgery         Percutaneous removal  Endomyocardial
(4)  Cardio vascular  of   kidney   stones  biopsy forceps
sutures               with      continuous  (34) Disposable  and
(5)   Cardiovascular  irrigation       and  non-disposable
special instruments,  suction         with  cannula  for  aorta,
namely:-         (i)  ultrasonic            vena    cavae    and
Coronary   perfusion  Lithotrite, etc.      similar  veins   and
cannulae        (ii)  (22) Ostomy products  blood  vessels   and
Electrical  or   gas  (Appliances)     for  cannula  for  intra-
operated     sternal  managing  Colostomy,  corporal spaces
cutter  (iii)   High  Illcostomy,           (35) Programmer  for
pressure stop  cocks  Ureterostomy,         pacemaker
and  connectors  for  Illeal       Conduit  (36) Ancillaries for
pressure   recording  Urostomy Stoma cases  blood      component
(iv)  Vascular bull-  such as bags, belts,  therapy required for
dog    clamps    (v)  adhesives  seals  or  the   treatment   of
Vascular clamps (vi)  discs    or    rolls  cancer,  namely,   Y
Vascular      needle  adhesive    remover,  type  blood solution
holders        (vii)  skin        barriers  recipient       set;
Vascular    scissors  micropore   surgical  Transfer pack   1000
straight  or  angled  tapes,  bag  closing  ml.   and  300  ml.;
(viii)      Vascular  clamps karaya  seals  disposable  pherasis
tissue forceps        paste   or   powder,  bowl 225 ml. and 373
(6)  Compressed  air  irrigation     sets,  ml.;   hydoxy  ethyl
breathing  apparatus  plastic  or   rubber  starch     solution;
complete              faceplates, flanges,  wasting harness with
(7)             D.C.  male    or    female  bypass;  and   waste
Difibrilators    for  urinary incontinency  bags
internal   use   and  sets, skin gels,  in  (37)  AIDS (Acquired
pace makers           parts or sets         Immune    Deficiency
(8)  Laryngeal Mask-  (23) Oxygenator       Syndrome) test kits;
Endotracheal Tube     (24)         Plastic  Enhanced luminescene
(9) Haemodialysors    disposable     3-way  analysers for  AIDS,
(10)    Heart   lung  connectors            Hepatitis and  other
machine               (25)        Portable  Analytes
(11)   Heart   valve  intermittent          (38) Iridium wire
prothesis  including  positive,   pressure  (39)  Anti-HLA  sera
valve frames          breathing apparatus   (AB-CDR)
(12)      Nebulizied  (26) Pulmoflator      (40)  T.P.H.A.  Kits
humidifier            (27)     Respirators  and  AIDS diagnostic
(13)   Hydrocephalus  including             kits
shunts                ventimeters           (41) Gamma knife
(14)     Hyper-baric  (28)      Sengstaken  (42)   Bone   Marrow
oxygen chamber        tubes                 Transplant Equipment
(15)   Fogarty   and  (29)    Tracheostomy  including   silastic
embolectomy           tubes                 long        standing
catheters             (30) Ventilator used  intravenous
(16)     Implantable  with     anaesthesia  catheters        for
cardiac pacemakers    apparatus             Chemotherapy
(17)  Intra-arterial  (31)        Vascular  (43) Cell Separator
catheters        and  grafts                (44)        Pressure
guidewires       and  (32)    Tracheostomy  Transducer       and
material         for  tube  of plain  PVC,  Pressure Amplifier
intervention          Low   pressure  PVC,  (45) Cell Saver
radiology             Red   Rubber  Plain,  (46)      Continuous
(18)   Intra-cardiac  and    Red    Rubber  Ambulatory
patches               cuffed                Peritoneal  Dialysis
(19)      Nebulizers                        Fluid
(excluding                                  (47)      Craniotome
ultrasonic                                  (Pneumatic       and
nebulizers and  heat                        Electric  Equipment)
nebulizers)                                 and Drills
(48)       Binocular  (72)   Mobile  Image  
Loupes                Intensifier
(49)   Intra  Aortic  (73)        Magnetic
Balloon Pump          Resonance    Imaging
(50)   Remote  After  System
Loading       Brachy  (74) Surgical Laser
Therapy Equipment     (75)         Electro
(51)       Dosimetry  Hydraulic  Operating
System                Table   for   Cardio
(52)    Cell   Saver  Throacic  and  Neuro
Equipment             Surgery
(53) Cell Washer      (76)  Implants   for
(54)          Thawer  pain   relief    and
Equipment for  Blood  bladder control
Warming               (77)      Artificial
(55)     Mammography  electronics   larynx
Unit                  instruments
(56) O2 Concentrator  (78)     Ventilators
(57)     Ventricular  other   than   those
Assist Device         used            with
(58) Pace Maker       anaesthesia
(59)  Activated Clot  (79)  Digital  Video
Time Machine          EEG System
(60)  Cobalt Therapy  (80) Instruments and
Unit                  implants         for
(61)  Colour Doppler  severely  physically
Ultrasound Scanner    handicapped patients
(62)   SPECT   Gamma  and           joints
Camera                replacement      and
(63)   Deep  Therapy  spinal   instruments
Unit                  and         implants
(64)   Cardiac   and  including       bone
Vascular Angiography  cement
System     including  (81)  Small portable
Digital substraction  pumps    used    for
Angiography           giving slow infusion
(65) Pulse Oximeter   of anti-cancer drugs
(66)    Blood    Gas  or      thalassaemic
Analyser  (including  drugs
cartridges, if any),
Sodium     Potassium
Analyser,       Auto
Analyser         for
enzymes, drug levels
and     bio-chemical
investigations, or a
combination  of  two
or   more   of   the
(67)      Ultrasonic
Surgical Aspirator
(68)  Intra  Cranial
Pressure  Monitoring
(69)  Radio  Therapy
(70)       Treatment
Planning System
(71)     Angiography
Contrast Agent
               LIST 23 (See S.No.213 of the Table)
(1)  Ophthalmoscope-  (19)  Ocular electro  
Direct/Indirect       physiological
(2) Ophthalmic/Xenon  testing    equipment
Arc                   [Electroretinography
(3)       Flurescein  /  Electroculography
Angiography           /   Visually  evoked
Equipment  including  response   equipment
Fundus Camera         (ERG/EOG and VER)]
(4)       Ultrasonic  
Equipment  (A  scan/  (20)  Keratometer  /
Pacchy meter)         Automatic
(5)    Microsurgical  Keratometer
needles,   cannulas,  (21) Prism bars
blades,     trephine  (22)           Laser
blades,     membrane  Interferometer
peelers,   diathermy  (23)  Pacchymeter  -
probes,     vitreous  optical / electronic
cutters,  atraumatic  (24)  Aspiration   -
needles and sutures,  irrigation equipment
intraocular scissors  (25)       Automatic
and forceps           refractometer     or
(6)        Tonometer  lensometer         /
(Schiotz/             projection
Applanation        /  lensometer   or    a
Pneumo)               combination  of  the
(7)      Retinoscope  aforesaid
streak/ spot          (26)        Complete
(8)        Operating  refraction unit with
glasses   (2X,   4X,  phoropter          /
6X)/ Binomag          projection - chart
(9)  Gonioscope,   3  (27)      Ophthalmic
mirror lens, special  hydraulic chair
lenses   for   laser  (28) Low visual aids
delivery,    special  and sets (telescopic
diagnostic    lenses  glasses)
(14D,   20D,   90D),  (29)  Colour  vision
Endo lens             testing equipment
(10)     Sterilisers  (30)   Photoelectric
(high    speed     /  keratoscope      and
ethylene)             thermokeratoscope
(11)        Specular  (31)         Pseudo-
microscope      with  isochromatic   chart
monitor and recorder  book / Ishiare
(12)     Intraocular  (32)    Slit    lamp
lenses/               biomicroscope      /
Keratoprosthesis   /  photo slit lamp
orbital implants      (33)        Surgical
(13)       Diathermy  operating       zoom
equipment             microscope      with
(14) Synoptophore     closed  circuit   TV
(15)        Silicone  camera
Sponges/  rubber   /  (34)        Surgical
bands,  for  Retinal  operating microscope
Detachment Surgery    manual
(16)      Vitrectomy  (35) Argon / krypton
equipment             laser
(17)          Phaco-  (36)    Yag   laser,
emulsification        excimer   laser   or
system                diode laser
(18)   Visual  field
recording equipment
               LIST 24 (See S.No.214 of the Table)
(1) Otoscope          (23)  Video  Laryngo  
(2)        Impedance  Bronchoscope     and
Audiometer            Video      Oesophago
(3)    BERA   (Brain  Gastroscope
Evoked      Response  (24) Stroboscope
Audiometry)           (25)       Fibroptic
(4)           Speech  Flexible   Oesophago
Audiometer            Gastroscope
(5)         Surgical  (26) Video Processor
Operating Microscope  (27)  Video Cassette
(6)        Frenzel's  Recorders used along
glasses               with    the    Video
(7)       Magnifying  Endoscope
Operating    Glasses  
(Magnifying Loupes)
(8)  Dental engines,
Micro        motors,
handpieces,      ENT
Burrs,  Steel Burrs,
Tungston      Burrs,
Carbon  Burrs   with
Titanium coating
(9)    Microsurgical
instruments for  all
Ear surgeries
(10) Sialistic sheet
used             for
(11)  Sinoscopes  00
,  300 , 700  , 1200
(2.6  mm  and  4  mm
(12) Instruments for
Endoscopic     Sinus
(13)   CCD   Camera,
Monitor, VCR to  fit
with Sinoscopes
(14)        Cochlear
Implants         and
equipments       for
performing Cochlear
(15)           Voice
(16)   Blom   Singer
Voice Prostheses
(17)      Electronic
(18)         Sigel's
(19)  Microlaryngeal
(21)       Fibroptic
Flexible       Nasal
(22)       Fibroptic
Flexible     Laryngo
               LIST 25 (See S.No.215 of the Table)
(1)  12 (+/-  1)  mm  (13)  Dual  incision  
Laparoscope  (Single  applicator Two rings
incision)             (14)   Trocal    and
(2)  Falope  Ring  -  Cannula 6-8 mm  with
applicator    single  valves gas stopcock
incision  (for   two  (15) Probe 34-37 cm
rings) and procedure  (16)  Scissors 34-37
instruction  manual,  cm
kit containing guide  (17) Suction Cannula
and    loader    and  34-37 cm
cleaning brush        
(3)  12 (+/-  1)  mm  Notes:-
Trocar    (including  (A)  Item  Nos.  6,7
piston  type)   with  and    8   may    be
spare  washers   for  imported  separately
sleeve  and  canulae  or  in  combinations
and cleaning brush    as    dual   control
(4)    Fibre   Optic  assembly.
Light Cable           (B)  Item Nos. 1 and
(5)    Bulbs,   fuse  2 may be separate or
lamps,  Adapter  for  in combination. When
Fibre   Optic  Light  in  combination,  it
Cable/Laparoscope     is            called
(6)    Carbondioxide  Laparocator.
(CO2) cylinder  with  
(7) Light Source      
(8)  Machine for Gas  
Insufflator with Gas
Tubing         Spare
Carbondioxide  (CO2)
Hose   Pipe  and   a
(9)   Verres  Needle
(4" and 51/2")
(10)       Minilight
source          with
consisting of :-
(a)      6     volts
rechargeable battery
(b)    AC    battery
(c)     AC     power
supplier 220 volts
(d) Inter-connection
(e) Convertor
(11) Falope Rings
(12)     6-8      mm
Laparoscope  (double
               LIST 26 (See S.No.216 of the Table)
A.                    B.                    
(1)  Braille writers  (1)      Orthopaedic
and  braille writing  appliances   falling
instruments           under        heading
(2)   Hand   writing  No.90.21   of    the
equipment    Braille  First Schedule
Frames,      Slates,  (2)   Wheel   chairs
Writing      Guides,  falling        under
Script       Writing  heading No.87.13  of
Guides,       Styli,  the First Schedule
Braille Erasers       C.
(3)           Canes,  (1)       Artificial
Electronic aids like  electronic    larynx
the Sonic Guide       and spares thereof
(4)         Optical,  D.
Environmental         (1)       Artificial
Sensors               electronic       ear
(5)  Arithmetic aids  (Cochlear implant)
like    the   Taylor  
Frame    (arithmetic
and  algebra types),
Cubarythm,  Speaking
or           Braille
(6) Geometrical aids
like  combined Graph
and     Mathematical
Demonstration Board,
Braille Protractors,
Scales,    Compasses
and Spar Wheels
(7)       Electronic
measuring equipment,
such   as  calipers,
comparators, guages,
guage blocks Levels,
Rules,  Rulers   and
(8)        Drafting,
Drawing        aids,
tactile displays
(9)        Specially
adapted  clocks  and
                                        (RAJIV TALWAR)

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