Government of IndiaMinistry of Finance Budget 97-98

Customs Notification

No.11/97 - Part 7

           LIST 10 (See S.No.150 and 151 of the Table)
(1) Singeing machine  (18) Fastness         (34)         Solvent
(2) Yarn/ Fabric      testing equipment     scouring machine
mercerising           (19) Shrinkage        (35)   Milling   and
machine               testing equipment     scouring Machine
(3) Continuous        (20) Lab infra Red    (36)  Shearing   and
bleaching plant       Drying Machine        Polishing Machine.
(4) Fabric reversing  (21) Indigo dyeing    (37)            Kier
machine               range with/without    Decatising/Decatisin
(5) Fabric dyeing     sizing plant.         g Machine.
machine complete      (22)      Continuous  (38)        Combined
with dye kitchen &    weight     reduction  Contripress        /
accessories           machinery    through  Decatising  machine.
(6) Yarn dyeing       microwave technique.  (39)         Blanket
machine               (23) Computer colour  Fringing Machine.
(7) Wet febric        matching equipment    (40)
spreading and         (24)   High    speed  Raising/Brushing
squeezing machine     computer     control  Machine.
(8) Relax             padding mangle.       (41)  Hydraulic Flat
drum/conveyer drying  (25)        Effluent  Paper
machine               treatment unit  with  Press/Continuous
(I) Drying range      biopaq      reactor,  Hydraulic Flat Paper
(ii) Float dryers     activated     sludge  Press/Rotary Press.
(iii) Loop dryers     process,   activated  (42)        Circular
(iv) Drum dryers      carbon,               Knitting Machine
(v) Jet dryers        ultrafiltrations      (43)Industrial
(vi) Rapid dryers     ozonisation           Sewing machine
(9) Compacting        facilities.           (44)Single    needle
Machine               (26)   Powder    dot  bed     drop    feed
(10) Stenter          coating machine       lockstitch machine
(11) HTHP Hosiery     (27) Laser engraver.  (45)   Single needle
yarn dyeing machine   (28)            Kier  lockstitch flat  bed
complete with dye     decatising/continous  machine.
kitchen and           decatising machine.   (46)  Single  needle
accessories           (29)Combined          flat  bed drop  feed
(12) Soft package     contipress/decatisin  lockstitch   machine
winders (dye package  g machine.            with   speed    more
winders)              (30)        Effluent  than   3500 stitches
(13) Yarn drying      treatment unit  with  per minute.
machine               automatic    sensing  (47) High speed twin
(14) Automatic dye    devices,   automatic  needle          feed
weighing and          controlled  chemical  lockstitch machine.
dispensing machine    dozing dissolved air  (48) High speed  two
(15)                  floatation    (DAF),  needle    lockstitch
Volumetric/Gravimetr  reverse     osmosis,  machine
ic measurement        sludge   dewatering,  (49)    Computerised
liquid chemical       decanters,            multineedle
station               ultrafilters, vaccum  lockstitch/chainstit
(16) Open width       filters   to deliver  ch machine
Tubular inspection    water for reuse.      (50)  Single  needle
machine               (31)   Pre-shrinking  lockstitch   machine
(17) Lab dye          range  for flat  and  with    built     in
preparation machine   Knitted goods         trimmer
                      (32)    Knit-tubular  (51)   Blind  stitch
                      mercerising       or  machine  of  various
                      bleaching-cum-        models
                      mercerising machine.  (52)  Single  needle
                      (33)    Auto   flame  drop            feed
                      controlled,    width  chainstitch machine.
                      controlled  singeing  (53)    Two   needle
                      machine for flat and  chainstitch       or
                      Knitted fabrics.      lockstitch machine
(54)     Chainstitch  (72) Button hole      (95) Steam Press
overedging machine    sewing machine        (96)Portable   boiler
(55)  Two  or  three  (73) Button stitch    for steam press
needle   chainstitch  sewing machine.       (97) Steam Cabinet
machine               (74) Elastic          (98) Vacuum table
(56)   Two    thread  inserting machine     (99) Fusing press
chainstitch for high  (on a variety of      (100)   Dry  to   Dry
speed  seaming   and  garments)             cleaning machine
banding    operation  (75)Belt attaching    (101)     Stain/spot
with   gear   driven  machine               removing machine/gun
pulled feed/compount  (76) Zip attaching    (102) Automatic  25-
feed  of speed  3500  machine               needle
stitches per  minute  (77) Bar tacking      shirring/smoking
and above.            machine               machine
(57)  Safety  stitch  (78) Hemstitch        (103)  Shirt folding
machine.              machine               machine
(58) Fully fashioned  (79) Smoking machine  (104) Form finisher
high  speed knitting  (80) Computerised     (105) Collar contour
machine.              pattern               trimmer
(59)   Power  driven  maker/pattern         (106)      Spreading
flat   bed  knitting  grading/marker        machine
machine               machine.              (107)  Shoulder  pad
(60)Computerised      (81) Power driven     attaching machine.
flat bed knitting     cloth cutting         (108)      Shrinkage
machine               machine.              controlling machines
(61) Power operated   (82) Band  knife      for         knitting
flat lock/overlock    cutting machine       fabrics
machine               (83)Collar turning    (109)    Loopdrivers
(62) Linking machine  and blocking machine  for  tubular knitted
(63) Loop making      and cuff turning and  fabrics
machine               blocking machine.     (110)    Mercerising
(64) Power driven     (84) Cuff press       machines for tubular
socks                 (85)  New  automatic  knitted fabrics
knitting/gloves       collar       turning  (111)       Singeing
knitting machine.     machine               machines for tubular
(65) Whole garment    (86)       Automatic  fabrics.
making machine        pocket  weld  sewing  (112)  Pile  cutting
(knitted)             machine               machines for knitted
(66) Plain stitching  (87) Pocket creasing  fabrics
machine  with more    machine               (113)       Rotating
than 3500 stitches    (88)      Embroidery  edging  machine  for
per minute            machine   with    10  fabric  rolls
(67) Computerised     heads and above       (114) Conveyors  for
plain stitching       (89)    Computerised  garments
machine with more     embroidery machine    (115)        Garment
than 3500 stitches    (90)    Computerised  Calendering  machine
per minute            embroidery   pattern  116)    Tie   making
(68) High speed       making machine  with  machines
needle feed two       plotter               (117)      Labelling
needle flat bed                             machines
industrial sewing     (91)  Printing   and  (118)   Laying   and
machine.              curing machine        cutting machines
(69) Sewing machine   (92)        Quilting  (119)   Button   and
zig-zag flat bed      machine               Rivet fixing machine
(70) High speed       (93)  Snap  fasterns  and/or dies thereof
multiple needle       fixing       machine
sewing machine        and/or siwa thereof
(71) Class feed of    (94)Thread  cleaning
the arm industrial    machine
sewing machine.       
             LIST 11(A) (See S.No.152 of the Table)
GOODS  FOR  ON-SHORE  Horizontal  Drilling  Antifoam,
OR   OFF-SHORE   OIL  Tools,  Pup  Joints,  Ferrochrome
EXPLORATION        /  Floating  Equipment,  Lingnosulphonate,
EXPLOITATION          Cement     Retainer,  Sulphonated Asphalt,
                      Bridge Plug, Setting  Chrome      Lignite,
(1)   Drilling  Bits  Tools, Gasoline  and  Sintered    Bauxite,
and    Coring   Bits  Swabbing Equipment    Polyanionic
including Nozzles     (8) Mud Conditioning  Cellulose
(2)  All  types   of  Equipment, including  (13)  Oilwell  Class
Tubulars  used   for  Shale  Shakers,  Mud  `G'    Cement    and
drilling, production  Agitators, Desander,  Cement Additives
and   transportation  Desilter, Degasser    (14)      Production
of   Oil   and   Gas  (9)  Stationary   or  Equipment  including
including     Casing  Skid   mounted   and  Gas  Lift  Equipment
Pipes,  Drill Pipes,  Mobile     Cementing  Stimulation
Line          Pipes,  Units      including  Equipment,
Production   Tubings  Cementing Bunkers     Production   Testing
and Kellys            (10)  Handling Tools  Equipment,    Single
(3)         Drilling  including Elevators,  and  Dual Completion
Equipment             Casing Tongs, Tubing  Equipment, Down-Hole
(4)    Draw   Works,  Tongs,  Manual   and  Testing   Equipment,
Crown  Block,  Prime  Hydraulic     Tongs,  Well      Completion
Movers  for Drilling  Drill  Pipe Spinner,  Equipment  including
Equipment,    Motors  Slips,       Fishing  Expansion     Joints
and  Alternators for  Tools, Junk Baskets,  Mandrels,     Tubing
drilling  equipment,  Fishing     Magnets,  Hangers,     Sliding
Mud    Pumps,   Gear  Junk  Subs,  Fishing  Sleeves,     Landing
Boxes            and  Jar and Drilling Jar  Nipples
Transmissions    for  (11)  High  Pressure  (15)        Pressure
drilling  equipment,  Hoses,  Rotary   and  Control   Equipment,
Torque Convertor and  Vibrator      Hoses,  Production  Packers,
Clutches         for  Cementing        and  Gravel          Pack
drilling equipment    Circulating    Hoses  Equipment,
(5) Down Hole Tools,  including Rubberised  Chicksons,       Pup
including   Reamers,  Parts, Casing Thread  Joints,  Wire   Rope
Stabilizers,    Hole  Protectors,    Drill  Lubricating  System,
Openers  and   Under  Pipe          Thread  Plunger Lift
Reamers               Protectors and Drill  (16)  Oil  and   Gas
(6)    Miscellaneous  Pipe Wipers           Separators,   Heater
drilling equipment    (12)        Oilfield  Treater, Oil and Gas
(7)   Core  Barrels,  Chemicals,       Mud  Burner,  Surge   Gas
Drill       Collars,  Chemicals,      Well  Blowers, Exhaust Gas
Safety  Tools,  Well  Stimulation           Turbocharger
Heads,  X-mas Trees,  Chemicals,     Water  (17)  Various  types
Casing    Scrappers,  Injection Chemicals,  of Oil Pumping Sets,
Liner       Hangers,  Oil  Flow  Improvers  Air      and     Gas
Casing Hangers,  Mud  including Tri  Ethyl  Compressor     Unit,
Line      Suspension  Glycol,  Pour  Point  Transformers,    Gas
System,          BOP  Depressant,           and  Diesel  Engines
Accumulator   Units,  Corrosion             for          Pumping
Choke    and    Kill  Inhibitors,   Methyl  Sets/Compressors,
Manifolds,            Diethanol      Amine  Down-Hole    Motors,
Directional and       (MDEA),        Ethyl  Chemical   Injection
                      Mercaptaine,          Pump, Equipment  for
                                            Transportation    of
                                            Crude  Oil  and  Gas
                                            Through Pipe Lines
(18) Diving System    (28)  Oilfield   and  (39)     Specialised
(19)  Various  types  Laboratory            Antenna     Systems,
of   High   Pressure  Chemistry  Equipment  Simplex  Telex  Over
Valves                and      Instruments  Radio     Terminals,
(20)     Sub-Surface  including Fann  V.G.  Multichannel       /
Equipments,           Meter,      Moisture  Microwave   Systems,
including Sucker Rod  Meter, Spectrometer,  Test and Measurement
Pumps,  Sucker  Rods  TOC        Analyser,  Equipment
Adapter Flanges  and  Flourescence  Meter,  (40)   X-Band  Radar
Spools                Gas Chromatograph     Transponders,   Area
(21) Well completion  (29) Non-Sparkling    Surveillance Systems
and         Wireline  Tools, Neutron Gamma  (41) Sub-Assemblies,
Equipment,  Wireline  Ray Tools and         Tools,   Accessories
Winches,    Wireline  Equipment             and           Spares
Tools                 (30) Drill Stem       (including  warranty
(22)   Mobile    and  Testing (DST)         replacements)    for
Stationary Cranes     Equipment             the  goods specified
(23) Explosives  and  (31)   Safety    and  in this List
Fire        Fighting  Pollution    Control  (42) Consumables for
Equipment, Fire  and  Equipment             running, repairs and
Gas        Detection  (32)  Seismic Units,  maintenance of goods
Equipment  including  Vibrosis Units, Open  specified  in   this
H2s Monitor and Fire  Hole  Logging Units,  List.
Fighting materials    Production   Logging
(24)   Common  Depth  Units,  Mud  Logging
Point  (CDP) Cables,  Units    and   Ni-CD
Logging      Cables,  Batteries
Connectors,     Geo-  (33)   Coating   and
phone       Strings,  Wrapping    material
Perforation           for  flow lines  and
Equipment  including  Trunk Pipelines
explosives       and  (34)             Mud
materials             Engineering, Logging
(25)     Geophysical  and        Cementing
Data     Acquisition  Equipment
Survey           and  (35)
Processing Equipment  Telecommunication
including DFS-V with  and        Telemetry
Tape Transport,  Air  Equipment
Gun,       Streamer,  (36)   Anodes    for
Streamer  Oil,  Gyro  Cathodic  Protection
Processing   System,  Systems
Bottom          Hole  (37)  Equipment  for
Equipment        and  Oil   Terminals  for
Samplers              locating  faults  in
(26)      Geological  buried   pipes   and
Equipment,            cables
Instruments      and  (38) Non-Directional
Control     Devices,  Radio       Beacons,
Chlorinators,   Geo-  Intrinsically   Safe
Scientific            Walkie-Talkie,
Laboratory Equipment  Directional Finders,
Process  and Control  EPIRB,    Electronic
Equipment, Interface  Industrial  Security
Level      Detector,  Devices    including
Plotter               Electronic    Access
(27)       Reservoir  Control System
             LIST 11(B) (See S.No.152 of the Table)
GOODS  FOR  ON-SHORE  (3)    Oil   country  (7)  Sub-Assemblies,
OIL  EXPLORATION   /  machine        tools  Tools,   Accessories
EXPLOITATION          including       Pipe  and           Spares
                      Lathes                (including  warranty
(1)   Drilling  Rigs  (4) Various types of  replacements)    for
including  Rigs  for  Testing    Equipment  the  goods specified
Deep  Drilling, Work  including    Tester,  in this List
Over   Rigs,  Short-  Indicators,           (8)  Consumables for
Hole  Drilling Rigs,  Measuring Meters and  running, repairs and
Mobile          Rigs  Gauges                maintenance of goods
consisting        of  (5)  Mobile and Skid  specified  in   this
various equipment     Mounted Pipe  Laying  List.
(2)       Travelling  and   Pipe   Testing
Block, Hook, Swivel,  Equipment
Rotary       Tables,  (6)  Synthesised VHF
Derrick,     Oil/Gas  Multi-Channel sets
Engines for Drilling  
             LIST 11(C) (See S.No.152 of the Table)
GOODS  FOR OFF-SHORE  (5)          Cranes,  (11) Synthesised VHF
OIL  EXPLORATION   /  Trenchers, Equipment  (Aero)    and    VHF
EXPLOITATION          needed           for  (Marine)      Multi-
                      installation      of  Channel Sets
(1)        Off-shore  platforms and laying  (12)           SITOR
Drilling        Rigs  of pipelines          Terminals,
including    Jack/Up  (6)    Single   Buoy  Independent     Side
drilling,   Drilling  Mooring    including  Band   Radio,  Rhota
Rigs,  Drill  Ships,  Hoses   and   Ropes,  Control
Semi     Submersible  Power     Management  Transponders,
Rigs                  System,          Bow  Digital    Microwave
(2)     Photographic  Thruster,    Azimuth  Radio
Paper                 Thruster,             (13) Sub-Assemblies,
(3) Life Raft         Controllable   Pitch  Tools,   Accessories
(4)          Process  Transverse Propeller  and           Spares
Platforms,      Well  (7) Sub-Sea Pipeline  (including  warranty
Platforms,            and equipment         replacements)    for
Production            (8)      Sub-Surface  the  goods specified
Platforms,     Water  Valves and Equipment  in this List
Injection Platforms,  (9)    Marine   Ship  (14) Consumables for
Top  Deck  Equipment  Equipment  including  running, repairs and
and        equipment  Water  Marker,  D.P.  maintenance of goods
required  on   these  System                specified  in   this
platforms  including  (10)  Control Panels  List.
process   equipment,  including  TG,  MOL,
gas     and    power  Central,       Local
Turbines,     Pumps,  Control Panels, Shut-
Generators,    Prime  Down         Panels,
Movers, Compressors,  Airconditioning  and
Electric Motors  and  Ventilation    D/GSW
Early     Production  Cooling Pump
Floating System       
               LIST 12 (See S.No.154 of the Table)
(1)   Land   Seismic  (6)    Casings   and  (12)   Single   buoy
Survey equipment and  tubings               mooring systems, oil
accessories,          (7) Drilling bits     tankers  to be  used
requisite   vehicles  (8)   Chemicals  for  for  oil storage and
including those  for  preparation of mud    connected equipment
carrying         the  (9)          Process  (13)  Fully equipped
equipment,   Seismic  production and  well  vessels          for
Survey      Vessels,  platforms  for  oil,  pollution   control,
positioning location  gas     and    water  fire     prevention,
system           and  injection  including  repairs          and
accessories,     and  equipment   required  maintenance       of
other      materials  on  these  platforms  production
required for seismic  like         process  installation
work  or other  type  equipment, turbines,  (14)  Chemicals like
of  geophysical  and  pumps,   generators,  Pour           Point
geochemical   survey  compressors      and  Depressant  required
both for onshore and  Telemetery,           for  production   or
offshore activities   Telecommunication     transportation    of
(2) Drilling rig and  and   Tele   Control  oil and gas
equipment  including  Systems               (15) Stores, spares,
tug, BOP, drill pipe  (10) Line pipes  for  materials and  other
(3) Helicopters       flow lines and trunk  consumables      for
(4) Supply boats      pipelines  including  running, repairs and
(5)   Equipment  for  weight-coating   and  maintenance  of  the
specialised services  wrapping              aforesaid  equipment
like   diving    and  (11)    Pipe     lay  and operations
cementation logging,  barges,      cranes,  (16) Oil Well Cement
casing      repairs,  trenchers,   derrick  
production  testing,  barge  and the  like
simulation  and  mud  required   in    the
services in  Oil/Gas  installation      of
wells                 platforms and laying
                      of pipelines
               LIST 13 (See S.No.157 of the Table)
(1)   LSI   /   VLSI  (14)     Lithography  (26)   Wafer   sawing
tester                systems               machine;        Wafer
(2)                   (15) Direct step  on  prober
Micromanipulators     wafers / steppers     (27)  Leak detection
(3)  Molecular  beam  (16)           X-ray  system
expitaxy system (MBE  lithography systems   (28) Clean room  air
system)               (17)   E-Beam   mask  showers
(4)       Expitaxial  making system         (29)        Particle
reactors              (18)  E-beam  direct  monitor   /  counter
(5)  Chemical vapour  write system          both  air and liquid
deposition     (CVD)  (19) Mask aligners    borne
system     -     Low  (20) Mask inspection  (30)       Automatic
pressure   CVD   (LP  systems               encapsulation
CVD) - Metal organic  (comparators)         system;    Automatic
CVD (MO CVD)          (21)  Tape automated  marking  /  branding
(6)   High  pressure  bounders              machine
oxidation systems     (22) Laser zappers    (31)    Clean   room
(7) Chemical etching  (23)           Wafer  laminar   flow   air
systems               recognition     wire  handling system
(8) Plasma etchers    bonders               (32)   Ultra   clean
(9)   Reactive   ion  (24)  Wafer  scriber  room equipment
beam etchers (RIBE)   or  Wafer slicer  or  (33)    Ultra   high
(10)  Reactive   ion  Wafer sawing machine  purity demineralised
etchers               or  Wafer  fractures  water      treatment
(11)  RF  sputtering  or  any  combination  plant
systems               thereof               (34)   PVDF  welding
(12)  Direct digital  (25) Die bonders  or  and  orbital welding
control furnaces      wire   bonders    or  machines
(13)  Ion-implanters  combination thereof   (35) Ultra high pure
(low/ medium /  high                        (UHP)            gas
current)                                    distribution system
                                            (36)    Toxic    gas
                                            distribution       /
                                            monitoring system
               LIST14 (See S.No.158 of the Table)
(A) Dental equipment, namely,-
(1)   Air  motor   /  (8) Air turbine head  (12)     Anaesthetic
turbine  hand  piece  /    cartridges   :-  cartridges       for
and control box with  borden  turbines   -  dental use
foot control          regular   cartridge,  (13)  Body contoured
(2)   Air  rotor   /  borden     turbines-  self-adjusting
turbine     complete  silencer   cartridge  electrically
with or without  air  and     quiet    air  operated      dental
compressor            turbines  -  compact  chair
(3)  Dental engines,  miniature standard    (14)  Equipment  for
for  laboratory work  (9)  Dental burs  of  chrome cobalt work
or  for  chair  side  all   varieties   of    (15)  Fibre  optic
clinical   work   on  various  shapes  and  light equipment with
patients              sizes   -   carbide,  attachments      for
(4) Dental operating  diamond or steel      dental work
lights   and   fibre  (10)   Dental   hand  (16)       Porcelain
optic lights          pieces,  for  -  air  furnace
(5)       Ultrasonic  motor,  air  turbine  (17)  Send  blasting
dental      cleaning  or  drilling engines  equipment for dental
system                (clinical        and  use
(6)       Ultrasonic  laboratory)      for  (18)          Vacuum
scalers of all types  filling, packing and  investing  equipment
(7) Spot welders for  condensation          for dental castings
dental   use    with  purposes         and  (19)      Developing
auxiliary functions,  micromotors           tarks for dental  X-
outlet  :- annealing  (11)      Endodontic  ray  (automatic  and
jack,     heat-treat  instruments    (root  ordinary)
tables,    auxiliary  canal  instruments),
cables   or  plug-in  brosches,    reamers
vise                  and files, fillers /
                      wideners         and
(B) Ophthalmic equipments, namely,-
(1)       Projection  (8)       Ophthalmic  (18)    Roper    hall
magnifier        for  operating lights and  foreign body locator
contact         lens  fibre optic lights
inspection       and  (9) Exophthalmometer
verification          (10)       Ophthalmo
(2)  Radiuscope base  dynamometer
curve           (for  (11)         Corneal
measurement       of  anesthesiometer
contact lenses)       (12)            Dark
(3)   Contact   lens  adaptometer
thickness  measuring  (13)  Glare  testing
guage                 equipment
(4)       Stereozoom  (14) Pantoscope
microscope       for  (15) Cryo-lathe
inspection        of  (16) Ophthalmic cryo
contact lenses        equipment
(5)  Softometer  for  (17) CAM stimulator
measurement  of  the
base  curve of  soft
contact lenses
(6)   Contact   lens
(7)   Contact   lens
polishing machines
(C) Other medical equipments, namely,-
(1) High powered  X-  (21)   Burn  therapy  (48)      Hypothermia
ray  unit more  than  dressing  soaked  in  machine
50  KW  with special  protective gel        (49) Respirometer
attachments      for  (22) Cystoscope  and  (50)       Pulmonary
paediatric patients,  colposcope            function        test
image  intensifiers,  (23)  Urological  X-  machines
TV  system  and  cut  ray      examination  (51)  Capnograph-CO2
film camera           table                 meter  blood  gas  -
(2)        Automatic  (24) Bipolar angio -  CO2 meter gas to gas
electronic     blood  graphy equipment      (52) Oxygen blending
cell counter          (25)        Electron  mask
(3)   Multi  channel  microscope            (53)      Paediatric
recorder for cardiac  (26) Rotary micro  -  anaesthesia  set
electrophysiology     tome                  (54)  Cautery  proof
with    computerised  (27) Billirubinmeter  cardioscopes    with
analysis      system  (28)     Fluorescent  memory
including facilities  microscope            (55) Dosemeter
for memory            (29)  Phase contrast  (56)     Polystyrene
(4)   Equipment  for  microscope            phantoms
computerised  intra-  (30)        Inverted  (57) Water phantom
operative    mapping  microscope            (58)    Mould   room
system                (31) Caogulometer     equipment (including
(5) Operating table-  (32)   Daree  gromel  styrofoam gatter)
electro    hydraulic  illuminator           (59) Radiation field
type                  microscope            analyser
(6)  Operating lamps  (33) Densitometer     (60)          Survey
- shadowless          (34)          Tissue  equipment (including
(7)     Immuno     -  processor             neutron monitor
flourescence          (35)  Paediatric   /  (61)    Densitometer
microscope  with  or  neonatal              for             film
without     attached  laryngoscope          densitometry
photo    micrography  (36)    Resuscitator  (62)     TLD    (for
set                   other           than  internal dosimetry)
(8) Cryostat          compressed       air  (63)         Isotope
(9) Thermodyne        breathing type        calibrator
(10) Ultramicrotome   (37) O2 blenders      (64)    Whole   body
(11)         Cardio-  (38)      Reinforced  human phantom
tachograph            corrugated tubing     (65) Angioscope  for
(12)  Intensive care  (39)       Automatic  coronary angiography
servo-controlled      plasmapheresis        (66)         Doppler
incubator             equipment     (blood  equipment
(13)   Open   infant  cell seperation)      (67)
care   system   with  (40)   Gas   failure  Xeroradiographic
servo control         alarms                equipment
(14) Oxygen analyser  (41)      Ultrasonic  (68)  Urological  X-
(15) Apnea monitor    nebulisers            ray examination unit
(16)    Non-invasive  (42) Heat nebulisers  (69)        Pressure
continuous        BP  (43) Local analgesic  injector with  rapid
monitor               spray                 serial changing unit
(17)  Transcutaneous  (44) Non-rebreathing  (70)    Computerised
oxygen monitor        valves                tread mill
(18)         `Filter  (45)        Ethylene  (71)          Vector
cartridge'        of  sterilisers (gas)     cardiograph
`filter         self  (46)  High pressure,  (72) Polygraph
rescuer'              pulsing,  electronic  (73)
(19)   Fibre   optic  controlled            Phonocardiograph and
endoscopes       and  autoclaves            systolic        time
accessories           (47)     Anaesthesia  interval equipment
(20)        Portable  apparatus
intermitent traction  
(74) Tonometer        (97)         Thermal  (116)         Suction
(75)          Photo-  printers, colour for  catheter,    Epidural
coagulator            medical use           catheter,
(76) Lithotome        (98)   Optical  disc  thermodilution
(77)      Paediatric  recorders        for  catheter
resectoscope / audit  medical        image  (117)   Manual   skin
resectoscope          storage               grafting  knife   and
(78) Peritoneoscopes  (99)    Multichannel  its        disposable
and      accessories  patient   monitoring  blades
thereof               system  upto   three  (118)       Electric
(79)   Extracorporal  channels provided  -  dermatome      (skin
lithotriper           (a) system has plug-  grafting      knife)
(80)      Calibrated  in module option for  electrically
thermo compensated /  any three parameters  operated      (mains
thermostabilised      out      of     ECG,  battery powered) and
anaesthetic           respiration,     BP,  its disposable knife
vapouriser            pulse            and  blades
(81) Foetal monitor   temperature or   (b)  (119)   Air   driven
(82)         Bipolar  system           has  dermatome      (skin
coagulator       and  monitoring   options  grafting     knives)
forceps               for     any    three  operated          on
(83)        Electro-  parameters  out   of  compressed  air  and
encephalography       ECG,    respiration,  its disposable knife
equipment             BP,           pulse,  blades
(84) Doppler carotid  temperature as  well  (120)   Mesh   graft
scanner               as  one or more  out  dermatome        for
(85)                  of        arrythmia,  expanding       skin
Electromyography      cardiac      output,  grafts,   disposable
equipment        and  oxygen           and  mesh  graft carriers
accessories thereof   carbondioxide         for the above
(86)     Cryosurgery  saturation levels     (121)  The following
equipment             (100)  Brain mapping  items  required   by
(87) Trans-cutaneous  system                spinal patients  and
nerve stimulator      (101)         Evoked  other categories  of
(88)   Filters   for  potential system      physically
extra       corporal  (102) Holter monitor  handicapped people :-
circulation           system                (a) chairs - folding
(89) PET scanner      (103)   X-ray  tubes  wheel  chairs   with
(90)       Operating  and tube inserts for  detachable arms  and
microscope       for  X-ray equipment,  CT  footrests,   special
microsurgery          and   Cardiac   more  light  wheel  chairs
(91)       Operating  than 20/40 KW         for  easy  handling,
instruments      for  (104)          Micro  motorised      wheel
microsurgery          processor controlled  chairs,      special
(92) Cardio-vascular  high frequency X-ray  purpose  chairs  for
catheterisation  lab  generator more  than  stairs climbing  for
equipment             50 KW                 tetraplegics     and
(93)   Automatic   /  (105)       Contrast  paraplegic   workers
laser   multi  image  medium injector with  (b)     aids     for
and   multi   format  or    without    ECG  disabled,    namely,
cameras               trigger               folding      walking
(94)         Bedside  (106)                 frames  (c) aids  to
arrythmia analyser /  Catheterisation cine  extend reach to pick
monitor               film analyser         up small items (with
(95)  High  pressure  (107)      radiation  small  magnet   pick
contrast      medium  protection equipment  up)  (d) specialised
injector              (108)                 fixtures         for
(96)         Thermal  Catherterisation      orthopaedic      and
printers,             table          light  spastic,
black/white      for  (dentalite)           tetraplegics     for
medical use           (109)  Air  /  power  manoeuvering     and
                      driven drills,  saws  providing  dexterity
                      and reamers           to fingers and wrist
                      (110) Arthoscope      (e) turning beds for
                      (111)      Automatic  prevention        of
                      percutaneous  lumbar  pressure  sores  (f)
                      disectomy,   console  emulsion    cushions
                      and kits              for tetraplegics and
                      (112)     Urodynamic  working  paraplegics
                      study                 to   avoid  pressure
                      (113) Gamma counter   sores
                      (114) Cell counter    (122)   Multichannel
                      (115)             DC  (more     than     3
                      Defibrelator     for  channels)    cardiac
                      external use          monitoring    system
                                            with    /    without
                                            central   monitoring
                                            (123)   Hyperthermia
                                            (124)  Polypropylene
                                            mesh    for   hernia
                                            (125)  Dental  X-ray
(126)        Digital  (129)            ECG  
imaging  system  for  transtelephonic
face X-rays           recorder           /
(127)    Orthopantom  transmitter        /
ram  (O.P.G.) X-rays  recorder-cum-
for jaws              transmitter
(128)   Jaw  surgery  (130)         Linear
equipment   -    (a)  accelarator
stryker   saws   (b)  (131)      Precision
special titanium and  delivery device used
tungsten     carbide  for   administration
drill  bits (c)  jaw  of   insulin    with
surgery  instruments  penfill   cartridges
including    special  such as Novopen
retractors,     bone
(D) Other goods, namely,-
(1) Dental implant    (5)   Gutta-  percha  (10)  Waxes  of  all
(2) Dental cements    points-       dental  types for dental use
(3)       Impression  silver amalgam
materials   of   all  (6)           Dental
types  / alginate  /  investment  of   all
rubber    base     /  types   /  phosphate
silicon base          bond / gypsum bond /
(4)  Dental fillings  plaster and stone
and   non   precious  (7)   Dental   X-ray
metal  for  crown  /  film - intra-oral  /
bridge  /  and  cast  extra-    oral     /
partial denture- (a)  panoramic / occlusal
chrome   cobalt    /  (8) Dental porcelain
nickel   chrome    /  of all types
porcelain bond metal  (9)   Acrylics   for
/     low     fusing  dental use - denture
technique alloy  (b)  base  material  heat
dental  crowns   and  cure and cold cure
artficial teeth

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