Government of IndiaMinistry of Finance Budget 97-98

Customs Notification

No.11/97 - Part 6

               LIST 5 (See S.No.117 of the Table)
(i) Brick press with  (xvi)  Vacuum   Worm  
accessories     like  Press      Extrusion
moulds,     pallets,  machine (capacity of
stackers,   clamping  the  press up to  36
devices or the  like  tons of material per
for fly ashsand-lime  hour)
brick capacity 3000-  (xvii)  Mouth  piece
5000  bricks/hr.  up  (for    the    above
and   down    stroke  vacuum  Worm   Press
pressure     300-400  with      dimensions
kgs/ sq.m.            corresponding to the
(ii)   Flyash  block  required   type   of
making       machine  Bricks   or   Blocks
capacity 1000 - 2000  which    will     be
block/hr.       with  produced)
vibrators, mixer and  (xviii)    Automatic
accessories     like  Equipment       [for
moulds,     pallets,  cutting and handling
stackers,   clamping  of   Bricks  between
devices or the like   the   pressing  shop
(iii)   Mixer   with  and dryers]
bottom   valve   and  (xix)    Plant     &
outlet   pipes   for  Machinery   required
cellular concrete     for  making  hollow-
(iv)        Moulding  core
equipment,     cross  roofing/flooring
cutting  plant   and  units
longitudinal cutting  (xx)      Large-size
plant,  for cellular  plants           for
concrete              manufacturing     of
(v) Centering bridge  hollow   and   solid
for moulds            concrete blocks  for
(vi)   Moving  grate  walling
sintering strand for  (xxi)     Mechanised
light  weight flyash  hydraulically
cellular concrete     operated Tunnel Form
(vii)   Purification  of    Wall    forms,
plant      including  Slabforms,
diaphragm,     pump,  Columnforms
vacuum  filter,  gas  (xxii)    Large-size
scrubber,        for  vibrating   -   beds
phosphogypsum         with      integrated
(viii)         Flash  curing   and   wire-
calciner              tensioning
(ix) centrifuge  for  arrangements
calcination           (xxiii) Vibrating  -
equipment             distributors     for
(x)  Partition panel  speedy production of
plant                 prefab      building
(xi)   moulds    for  parts
phosphogypsum         (xxiv)     Hydraulic
(xii)     Drier-cum-  presses          for
calciner              manufacturing
(xiii)  Edge  Runner  pavement blocks
Mill  (for  crushing  (xxv)      Hydraulic
and kneading of Clay  heavy duty press for
and  Flyash  Mixture  making   Hollow    &
output 15 to 40 tons  Solid       Concrete
per  hour  depending  Blocks
on  the  perforation  (xxvi)          Foam
of    the   grinding  Generating
plates)               Equipment,    spiral
(xiv)    Pan   Mixer  pumps   and  Foaming
(output 25 tons  per  compound  for  light
hour)                 weight       celular
(xv)   Double  Shaft  concrete
Mixer (for mixing of  (xxvii)    Densified
the         material  wood  fibres  plates
consisting  of  Clay  for door shutters
and Flyash)
                         LIST 6 (See S.No.119 of the Table)
(1)  Air blast  dust  (25)   Button   Hole  (52) Dyeing machine
removing machine      (Eyelets        end)  (53)   Edge  buffing
(2)  All  types   of  machine               machine
staking     machines  (26)  Button  Sewing  (54)   Edge   Inking
except slocum  (slow  machine               machine
combing process)      (27) Button stitch /  (55)    Edge    Pre-
(3) Automatic Drying  Sewing machine        Trimming machine
machine               (28)       Cementing  (56)   Edge  Setting
(4) Automatic Lacing  machine               machine
machine               (29)       Cementing  (57)  Edge  Trimming
(5)        Automatic  machine          and  machine
Leather  Perforating  cementing gun         (58)         Elastic
and/or      Punching  (30)  Chain Slotting  inserting machine on
machine               machine               variety of garments
(6)  Automatic Lock-  (31) Channel Closing  (59)      Electrical
Stitching   Cylinder  machine               machine  for cutting
Bed Bartacker         (32) Channelling and  and slanting straps
(7)        Automatic  Grooving machine      (60)         Electro
machine  to control,  (33)  Clicking Board  pneumatic    weaving
to slant and to glue  levelling machine     machine for leather
leather straps        (34)        Clicking  (61) Electronic skin
(8)        Automatic  machine               assessor
Milling machine       (35)        Clicking  (62) Embosing Plates
(9)        Automatic  Machine    Hydraulic  for     Press    for
Milling-Boring        (Bottom)              leather printing
Machine               (36) Coloriemeter     (63)        Engraved
(10)  Automatic   or  (37)  Column  Boring  rollers  for   Press
semi-automatic        machine               for leather printing
hydraulic press (750  (38)    Computerised  (64)   Evening   and
tonnes or more)       Sewing Machine        Roughing machine for
(11)       Automatic  (39)    Computerised  Soles and Insolses
Padding machine       Skiving machine       (65)   Fibre   Board
(12)       Automatic  (40) Conveyor system  Flexing machine
Spraying machine      (41)         Counter  (66)    Fine    Turn
(13) Automatic Tacks  Cementing Machine     machines for Lasts
- Reinforce machine   (42)         Counter  (67)   Finish  Sheet
(14)  Automatic Work  Moulding machine      Resistance Tester
Unit  for assembling  (43)         Counter  (68)       Finishing
the complete Insole   Tightening machine    Machine for Lasts
(15)    Back    Part  (44)  Coupling   and  (69)           Fixed
Moulding machine      edge    pre-trimming  Head/Travailing Head
(16)  Band-saw  with  machine               Clicking     Cutting
or without Flier      (45)        Crimping  machine
(17)       Bandknife  machine               (70) Flat Bed Double
Splitting machine     (46)  Crumpling  and  Needle        Sewing
(18)  Belt  Punching  embossing machine     machine
and cutting machine   (47) Curtain coating  (71) Flat Bed Single
(19) Bobbin  machine  machine               Needle    Industrial
with counter          (48)  Cylinder   Bed  Sewing machine  with
(20)    Boot     leg  Sewing machine        or without trimer
ironing machine       (49)   Die   Bending  (72) Folding machine
(21)  Bottom Leather  machine               for  brief cases and
Grain Crack Tester    (50)   Double   Band  other        leather
(22) Bottom roughing  Cleaning machine      products
and/   or   scouring  (51)  Dust  removing  (73) Folding machine
machine               machine-              for  sides for Brief
(23)   Box  Stamping  pneumatic/hydraulic   Case
machine                                     (74)        Forepart
(24)          Buckle                        conditioning machine
Stappling machine                           (75)           Frame
                                            Fixing/Frame Folding
(76) Fusing presses   (103)      Hydraulic  (132)   Manual   loop
(77)   Halogen   and  Ironing          and  cutter
Adhesive Application  Embossing Press       (133)           Mckay
machine               (104)      Hydraulic  Stitching machine
(78)  Hand  Operated  Scudding machine      (134)        Milling
Press  for Inserting  (105)      Hydraulic  machine   for   shoe
Perforation    Tubes  Setting machine       Uppers
and Prickers          (106)      Hydraulic  (135)       Moccasin
(79)   Heat  Setting  Shaving machine       Lining      Trimming
plant                 (107)      Hydraulic  machine
(80)  Heat  transfer  Shearing machine      (136)       Moccasin
press                 (108)      Hydraulic  Performing machine
(81)  Heel and  Sole  Splitting machine     (137)      Motorised
Brushing machine      (109)      Hydraulic  hides    and   skins
(82)  Heel and  Sole  Sulphide applicator   stamping machine
Buffing machine       (110)      Injection  (138)   Moulds   for
(83)  Heel Attaching  Moulding of  PVC/TPR  rubber  sole  direct
machine               Soles,  Inserts  and  vulcanising    press
(84)   Heel   Breast  Half Soles            and    PVC    direct
Cementing machine     (111)      Injection  injection     soling
(85)   Heel   breast  Moulding  press   to  machine
roughing machine      produce Plastic shoe  (139)  Multiple  Row
(86)  Heel Breasting  Lasts                 Upper          Chain
machine               (112)         Insole  Stitching    machine
(87)  Heel  Building  Attaching machine     i.e.   3  Rows   and
machine               (113)         Insole  above
(88)  Heel  Covering  Backpart   Stiffener  (140)  Three Needles
machine               Tester                for     Small    Arm
(89)   Heel   Molder  (114)         Insole  Cylinder machine for
Flanger               Bevelling machine     Multiple         Row
(90)   Heel  Nailing  (115)         Insole  Stitching
machine               Covering machine      (141)        Outsole
(91)  Heel profiling  (116)         Insole  Stitching machine
machine               moulding machine      (142)  Paste  drying
(92)  Heel seat  and  (117)  Ironing   and  unit
side         lasting  Conditioning machine  (143)        Pattern
machines              (118)      Kamborian  binding machine
(93)    Heel    Seat  Lasting machine       (144) Pattern corner
Cement       Lasting  (119) Knife Grinding  cuting  and  binding
machine               machine               machine
(94) Heel Trimming /  (120)  Knife  making  (145)        Pattern
pretrimming        /  equipment  for  cold  Grading machine
Cupping  or combined  steel   and   forged  (146) Pattern making
machine               steel                 machine
(95)    High   Speed  (121)          Label  (147)        Pattern
Corner     Stitching  stitching machine     Perforator
machine               (122)  Last  Turning  (148) Pattern Plan
(96)  Hole  punching  machine               (149)        Pattern
machine               (123) Lastometer      scanner
(97)     Hot    Melt  (124)        Leather  (150)        Pattern
Applicators           buffing machine       Scanning machine
(98) Humidifier  for  (125)  Leather cover  (151) Piping machine
Uppers                Cutting machine  for  for   trimming   and
(99)   Hydraulic   /  Heels                 embelishment  fixing
Pneumatic   sammying  (126)        Leather  machine
and    /or   setting  Polishing machine     (152)  Plan Computer
machine               (127)        Leather  Controlled   Nesting
(100)      Hydraulic  rolling machine       System
automatic    plating  (128)         Lining  (153)      Pneumatic
ironing machine       roughing machine      Broaching machine
(101)      Hydraulic  (129)         Lining  (154)      Pneumatic
Bending machine       Trimming machine      control      moulder
(102)      Hydraulic  (130)  Loop  closing  machine for buckles
Fleshing machine      machine               (155)      Pneumatic
                      (131)    Loose     /  fusing  machine  for
                      Nailing machine       ironing      fusible
(156)      Polishing  (182)       Roughing  (208) Spray Booths
machine               machinery for  upper  (209)  Stamping machine
(157)   Polyshanking  or soles or insoles   for  Upper /  Lining  /
machine               (183)  Rubber   sole  Socks
(158) Polyurethane /  direct   vulcanising  (210) Steam Toe Press
PVC   /   TPR  Sole,  press           [DVP  (211)   Stich   Marking
Insole,  Heel,  Heel  construction]         machine
Tip        Injection  (184) Satra Plan and  (212)   Strap  /  Strip
Moulding     machine  Knife search          Cutting machine
(single  or multiple  (185)       Scissors  (213)   Strap   Folding
station)              Cutting machine  for  machine
(159)   Pore    part  plate                 (214)  Stretching   and
lasting machine       (186)  Scouring  and  drying machine with  or
(160)    Post    Bed  Blending machine      without  conveyor   and
Double Needle Sewing  (187)       Screwing  toggles
machine               machine               (215)   String  Lasting
(161)    Post    Bed  (188)  Seam  Ironing  machine
Single Needle Sewing  machine               (216)   Strobel    type
machine               (189)     Sectioning  stitching machine
(162)    Post    Bed  machine               (217)  Studs  Attaching
Single Needle  under  (190) Sewing machine  machine
Edge Trimming         Cylinder Bed          (218)     Suit     Case
(163)  Pounding   or  (191) Sewing Machine  Stitching machine
beating  or  ironing  for Ruffled Work and  (219)  Tack  heel  seat
machine           or  Genuine Mocassin      lasting machine
combination of  such  (192) Sewing Machine  (220)    Tack   Lasting
machines              Zig Zag Flat Bed      machine
(164)    Pre-lasting  (193) Shank / Sole /  (221)     Tack     Side
conditioner           Counter     reducing  lasting machine
(165) Preparing  and  machine               (222)    Tanning    and
polishing machine     (194)          Shank  colouring drums
(166)  Pulling  Over  Rivetting machine     (223) Tapping and  seam
and  Cement  Lasting  (195)   Shears   for  rubbing machine
machine               cutting pattern       (224)           Testing
(167)  Pulling  Over  (196)   Shears   for  Equipments,  namely  :-
Machine               Iron Bars             Flexometer   /    Upper
(168)  Punches   for  (197)  Side  Lasting  material        flexing
model room            machine               machine,  Tensometer  /
(169) Punches of all  (198)       Sidewall  Lastometer,
varieties             Roughing machine      Permeometer   /   Upper
(170) Punching and /  (199)        Skiving  leather           water
or        eyeletting  machine               proofness       tester,
machine               (200) Slike Fastener  Penetrometer  /  Bottom
(171)   PVC   /   PU  Fatigue Tester        Leather           water
direct     injection  (201) Snap fasteners  penetration    machine,
soling machine  [DIP  fixing machine  with  Finish   rub   fastness
construction]         or    without   dies  tester,  Upper  leather
(172)       Quilting  therefor              abrasion     resistance
machine               (202) Sole / Heel  /  machine,           Dome
(173)  Raised   Cord  Seat        Roughing  plasticity   apparatus,
Sewing machine        machine               Finish            fleat
(174)   Reactivating  (203)   Sole    Edge  resistance      tester,
Plant  for Shoe  and  Recessing / Shapping  Adhesion   of    finish
Soles                 machine               tester,         Leather
(175) Recessing  and  (204) Sole Levelling  shrinkage   temperature
Roughing       Soles  machine               determination
machine               (205)  Sole Stamping  apparatus,
(176) Recessing Welt  / Embossing machine   Wrinklometer,    Bottom
machine               (206)         Soling  Leather   grain   crack
(177)         Rotary  Material    Abrasion  tester,      Electronic
Collection Unit       machine               moisture meter,  Dyeing
(178) Rotary Pigment  (207) Spiral Cutting  and   fumbling  machine
Coating machine       machine/     Cutting  for  laboratory,  fibre
(179)         Rotary  Press                 board  flexing machine,
Printing machine                            State      of      cure
(180)   Rough   Turn                        apparatus,         Ross
machine for lasts                           Flexing       machines,
(181)       Roughing                        Soling        materials
machine  for Plastic                        abrasion machine,  Heel
Blocks                                      fatigue  tester,   Heel
                                            impact          tester,
                                            tensiometer,    Viewing
                                            box    for    assessing
                                            visible  damage,  Slide
                                            fastener        fatigue
                                            tester,          Insole
                                            backparts     stiffness
                                            tester,   shoe  flexing
                                            machine,    Break     /
                                            pipness   scale,   Sole
                                            Adhesion        tester,
                                            Safety  Footwear impact
                                            tester,   Rapid    tear
                                            tester,  Needle holding
                                            jig,      Shoe     lace
                                            adhesion machine
(225)         Thermo                        
cementing        and  
folding machine
(226)    Toe     Cap
(227)    Top    Lift
Slugging     machine
(228) Transfer Arm
machine   with    or
without    polishing
(230)  Twin  Needle,
needle      feedlock
stitch        sewing
(231)   Twin    Sole
Attaching machine
(232)   Two   Needle
Lock       Stitching
(233)      Unlasting
(234)          Upper
Cementing machine
(235)   Upper   Edge
Inking machine
(236)          Upper
Embossing machine
(237)  Upper Folding
(238)  Upper Forming
(239)          Upper
Perforating machine
(240)          Upper
Reinforcing machine
(241)   Upper   Seam
Rubbing   /  Beating
(242)  Vacuum Drying
(243) Vacuum forming
machine   for   last
with vacuum pump
(244)    Vice    for
holding pattern
(245) Vision Lasting
System    for    Toe
Lasting machine
(246)    Vulcanizing
(247)   Welt  (Rand)
Attaching machine
               LIST 7 (See S.No.129 of the Table)

(1)  Connecting  rod  (9)  Gear adjustment  (17)    Reed    valve
assembly              (10) Lever tilt 2     assembly
(2) Crank 1,2 and 3   (11)   Handle   gear  (18)    Crank   shaft
(3) Piston ring set   shift                 assembly
(4) Coil ignition     (12)     Carburettor  (19)     Fuel    pump
(5)   Ignition  coil  assembly              assembly
assembly              (13) Pinion           (20) Cowling bottom
(6)  Pin piston       (14)    Shift    can  
(7) Rod connecting    assembly              
(8) Pin crank         (15)  Lower   casing  
                      (16)       Propeller
               LIST 8 (See S.No.144 of the Table)
(1)  Heat Exchangers  (5)  Drip irrigation  (9)   Flower grading
for            steam  system   for   green  machine
sterilisation     of  house                 
soil in green house   (6)  Humidifiers
(2)    Low   draught  (7)    Kool-cel  pad
horizontal     axial  system for cooling
fans   with   energy  (8)   Ultra   violet
efficient motors      retardant      fibre
(3)          Fogging  glass    /   plastic
machines              sheets
(4)        Automatic
shading system
               LIST 9 (See S.No.147 of the Table)
I.           Kitchen  (28)  Roll  -  in  -  (54)   Energy saving
Equipment:            Refrigeration         steam   cooker     (
(1)  Dough  Kneading  (  Absorption  type)  double  /  quadruple
Machine               or Mini Bars          type)
(2)  Dough  Dividing  (29) Baking ovens  -  (55)       Hamburger
Machine               gas fired             machine,      pastry
(3)   Electric   Egg  (30)    Ice    cubes  rollers  and  noodle
Boiler                machines  over  1000  makers
(4) Band Saw Machine  lbs. capacity         (56)       Chocolate
for  cutting Meat  -  (31) Potato peelers   coating units
Fish Bones etc.       (32) Potato chipper   (57)      Pastamatic
(5)   Meat   cutting  (33) Coffee machine   machines
slicing   Machine  /  (34)   Dish  washing  (58)    Cold     cut
mincing and grinding  machine               Slicer
machines   (capacity  (35)  Glass  washing  (59)  Sausage making
300 kg per hour)      machine               machine
(6) Meat tenderising  (36)   Luckon    hot  (60)    Waste   food
machine               plate                 disposal machine
(7)           Silver  (37) Plate dispenser  (61) Flambe trolley
burnishing       and  (38)    Toaster    -  (62) Vegetable steam
polishing machine  -  Conveyor type         cooker
small    and   large  (39)  Tilting frying  (63)   Draught  beer
table ware            table / pans          dispensing unit
(8) Commercial heavy  (40) Tilting boiling  (64)Chinese  Banquet
duty  can  opener  (  pan                   Silverware.
motorised )           (41)       Croissant  (65) Infra Grill
(9) Smoker            machine               (66)    Heavy   duty
(10) Salad dryer      (42)    Deck   oven,  salamander (  Gas  /
(11)        Vertical  Pizza          oven,  Electrical )
chopper               Convection oven  and  (67) Blast Freezer.
(12) Ice flakers      Rotating ovens,  for  II.Health       Club
(13) Waffle Irons     baking                Equipment:
(14) Bread buttering  (43) Microwave ovens  (68) Rowing machine
machine               (44)         Banquet  (69)         Orbital
(15) Vertical cutter  Trolleys              massagers
and mixer             ( Refrigerated)       (70) Abdominal board
(16)  Cold  beverage  (45)  Cocktail mixer  (71) Steam bath
dispenser         as  / beverage mixer      (72)       Jogomatic
manufactured by  jet  (46) Juice dispenser  motorised  treadmill
spray                 (47)   Walk   -   in  (73)      Butter-fly
(17) Planetary mixer  Coolers and Freezers  machine
- heavy duty          (48) Gas Ranges with  (74)     Slendertone
(18)  Dough  sheeter  ovens     /    flame  shinning equipment
and cutter            failure device        (75)    MSA   Oxygen
(19) Sandwich unit    (49)  High  pressure  administrator
(20)          Butter  hot  water  cleaning  complete        with
portioning machine    jets                  cylinder / face mask
(21) Automatic glass  (50) Puree machines   (76)    Power    Jog
washing machine       (51)  Deep fat frier  machine.
(22)  Chinese  range  with    thermostatic  III.         Laundry
with steamers         control    (     gas  Equipment:
(23)  Vacuum packing  operated)             (77)   Dry  cleaning
machine               (52)  Deep fat frier  presses
(24) Glass dispenser  with    thermostatic  (78) Extractors - 65
(25)       Vegetable  control            (  lbs.
preparation      and  electrically          (79)          Washer
washing machine       operated)             extractors  (   more
(26) Conveyor table   (53)       Vegetable  than 100 lbs.)
(27) Bread - Slicing  cutting   /   dicing  (80)   Multi-purpose
Machine               machine               presses  and utility
                                            (81)         Garment
(82) Steam finishing  V.   Energy   Saving  VII.   Front   Office
boards                Devices:              Equipment:
(83)         Marking  (105) Tinted glass    (123)        Electric
machines              (106)    Centrifugal  locking system
(84) Water-spray gun  Heat Reclaim Machine  (124)   Key   cutting
and    air    vacuum  (107)  Double Effect  machine
system                Absorption   Machine  (125)   Computerised
(85) Vacuum unit      for Air-conditioning  electronic vaults.
(86) Spotting Board   VI.    Miscellaneous
(87) Tumblers (  Hot  Equipment:
oil   operated/Steam  (108) Locks and keys
heated)        Dryer  with   emergency   /
(Programmable)        construction    keys
(88)  Flat work iron  and emergency Escape
(  (Hot oil operated  doors
/ Steam heated)       (109)    Gas    Leak
(89)  Steam  Cabinet  detector
unit                  (110)        Digital
(90)  Shirt  Unit  (  temperature gauge
i.e.  Sleeves,  Body  (111) 6600 Vol. 1100
and   Bossom  Collar  volts  high  tension
and Cut Press, etc.)  magger  & insulation
(91)       Upholstry  testing kit.
processing  machines  (112)       Magnetic
viz. , perfect pleet  locking      devices
machine  and curtain  sliding      folding
stretcher.            partition
(92) Puff iron        (113)   Ultra   high
(93) Lint Separator.  pressure washer with
IV.   House  Keeping  accessories for coil
Equipment:            cleaning       drain
(94) Industrial type  cleaning
vacuum cleaner        (114)        Garbage
(95)          Carpet  incinerator     with
shampooing machine    heat recovery unit (
(96)  Drying machine  steam   hot   water)
( for carpets)        boiler          with
(97)       Breathing  accessories
apparatus  for  fire  (115) Sterasyl water
fighting              filter  for drinking
(98)  Smoke  /  fire  water - or equipment
detectors          &  using silver iodide
sprinkler systems     (116)      Submerged
(99)        Portable  swimming        pool
motorised deodoriser  cleaner ( with motor
m/c.                  of extra low voltage
(100)        Fogging  40  volts) unit with
machine   for   fire  accessories        -
fighting              complete set
(101)      Papoosing  (117) Fireman suit.
machine               (118)     Electronic
(102) Pile lifter     liquid         level
(103)          Floor  indicator
Polishing   Machine,  (119) Hand Driers.
Floor      Scrubbing  (120)        Garbage
Machines              compactizer
(104)   Insect   and  (121) Bottle Crusher
Pest Killers          (122)  Sauna Heaters
                      and Saunas

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