Government of IndiaMinistry of Finance Budget 97-98

Budget Speech - PART A

Controls on Agriculture

  1. The CMP said that all controls on agricultural products will be reviewed and, wherever found unnecessary, will be abolished. Only some regulations are by the Central government, and a beginning is being made by abolishing a few. The Rice Milling Industries (Regulation) Act, 1958 and the Ginning and Pressing Factories Act, 1925 will be repealed. Licensing, price control and requisitioning under the Cold Storage Order, 1964 will removed. The Edible Oils and Edible Oil Seeds Storage Control Order, 1977 and the Cotton Control Order, 1986 will be invoked only in well-defined emergency situations. Domestic futures trading would be resumed in respect of ginned and baled cotton, baled raw jute and jute goods. An international Castor Oil Futures Exchange will be set up. I urge State governments to follow this lead and abolish as many controls as possible.

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