Table  4.9
                           Portfolio Restrictions: EPF
                                                                   (per cent)
				                      Apr.1995 	       Since
				                            to	       Oct 
				                    Sept. 1996	       1996
			Investments in:
	(a)		Central Government securities.	      25	25
	(b)	(i)	Govt. Securities created and
			issued by State govts. and or
	(b)	(ii)	Any other negotiable securities
			guaranteed by Central or State
			Government.	                      15	15
	(c)		Special deposit scheme	              30	20
	(d)	(i)	Bonds and securities of
			public sector FIs,
			Public sector companies.
	(d)	(ii)	Certificates of Deposits
			issued by public sector banks.	      30	40


From the database of Ministry of Finance disseminated on Internet through NICNET